International Monetary Fund Report 2018 Immigration Makes People Richer

An International Monetary Fund Report 2018 States That Immigration Benefits Everyone A recent study has shown that immigration into wealthy countries actually makes everyone richer. According to the International Monetary Fund report 2018, if people are trading within the same economy then that has been shown to have economic benefits for everyone, from the customer to the entrepreneur […]

4 Ways to Become a US Citizen

How to become a US Citizen Becoming a naturalized US national, with all its benefits and facilities, is every US immigrant’s dream. The process is difficult and requires a lot of interviews and background checks. You become a US resident either by birth or by the naturalization process conducted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Becoming a US citizen […]

US Becoming Less Favourite Among Students- An Alarming Trend

Will the US cease to become a popular destination for higher education among students? Universities report an alarming trend. US is set to become a less favorite destination among international students if reports are to be believed. Officials from more than a dozen universities are reporting an alarming trend, a sharp decline in the number of international enrollments since […]