Center For Immigration Studies,USA Welcomed 1.6 Million Immigrants

Center For Immigration Studies,USA Welcomed 1.6 Million Immigrants 1

Center For Immigration Studies Show That America had Over a Million Immigrants in 2015

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The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in America in combination with data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey found that around 1.6 million migrants from overseas arrived in the USA last year. Centre for Immigration Studies counting is for both legal and illegal immigrants and can include foreign students, Green Card holders and guest workers such as those on an H1-B visa.

According to the Centre for Immigration Studies:

The Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, Steven Camarota has estimated that the number was at a high boosted in part by skilled immigrant workers being brought in to work in the United States by the business community.

The 2015 numbers are up by 17% compared to those of 2013 and by a huge 38% from the 2011 immigration figures. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the immigrant population in the USA dips when the number of non-native-born people who leave America every year is taken into account along with the group’s estimated mortality of 300,000 per annum. New arrivals last year surpassed the growth of the immigrant population overall.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies report, the area which has produced the highest number of immigrants in East Asia, then South Asia, followed by the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East, whereas European immigrants have reduced by 31,000, which shows that patterns of immigration are changing.

Therefore, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, the biggest group by country came from India, then China, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic. There is still a high demand in the USA for highly skilled workers as evidenced by the high number of H1-B visas that are given to Indian citizens, around 70-75% of them.

The tech industry, in particular, has hired a large amount of Indian’s who are educated to a high standard in the STEM subjects, due in part to a lack of highly skilled workers in certain markets in the United States. There is also a demand for medical staff such as doctors as well as health care workers in general which may be linked to an aging American population.

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