China To Benefit From 10-Year Australian Visas

China To Benefit From 10-Year Australian Visas 1

Australia Visa For Chinese: China Joins Exclusive List of Countries Able to Get 10 Year OZ Visas

The Australian government is now issuing a ten-year multiple entry Australia Visa For Chinese  Chinese citizens. This move is in line with Australia’s drive to reform their infrastructure and grow business and thus the economy in Australia. The country has introduced programmes like these that make it easier for highly skilled foreign workers to get visas to visit and travel around Australia.

australia visa for chinese

This month saw the Migration Legislation Amendment signed whereby Australia Visa For Chinese citizens with a ten-year visa can enter the country as many times as they want without incurring further charges.

The ten-year visas are not for people travelling to Australia to work and limit each visit to three months at one time, after which the foreign national would have to leave and then re-enter the country. The Australia Visa For Chinese citizens is to be issued only to Chinese citizens who travel to Australia by air, as opposed to people arriving by boat.

If a person from China wishes to apply for a ten year, multi-entry visa, they will have to have a medical examination before they apply to show that they are in good health to travel. The multi-entry Australian visa costs 5, 060 Yuan, which is equivalent to A$1,000.

Australia attracts tourists from around the world; drawn by the laid-back lifestyle, friendly locals, warm weather, interesting landscape, and world-class surfing as well as landmarks such as Sydney Opera House and Ayers Rock. Chinese tourists contribute A$5 billion, roughly 25.5 billion Yuan to the Australian economy.

Chinese citizens join those from Singapore, Canada, and America in getting these long-term visas as opposed to India who gets a five-year equivalent. This may be set to change in future in line with the large numbers of Indians living, working and studying in Australia with family members still living in India. The market for Indian tourists wanting to travel to Australia regularly to visit family living there is set to grow.

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