China Trials Work Permits For Overseas Workers

Pathway to Work in China Eased for Skilled Overseas Workers

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China has long been viewed as an extremely self-sufficient country that is not traditionally welcoming to overseas workers but this is set to change with a new pilot visa programme for foreign workers. The visa programme is trialing in ten Chinese provinces, with Beijing being one of them, and the first overseas worker to get a Chinese work visa was a Canadian working in an international Beijing school.

The new programme would ease the process for foreign workers to apply for visas to work in China under guidelines issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). The pilot scheme combines two different work permits for foreigners, the overseas work permit for highly skilled overseas workers and the employment license for foreign workers into one easier to navigate license.

China Trials Work Permits For Overseas Workers 1

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In April next year, the visa programme will be launched in the rest of China. There is a growing demand in China for workers from other countries with a high level of skills. And workers from overseas can apply for the special work permits without having to track down and hand in printed proof of nationality and education etc. In fact, highly skilled immigrant workers can apply online which will make the whole process a lot easier for people wanting to move to China for work purposes.

In line with most developed economies, there is a high demand for educated workers with specialized skills, particularly in the STEM subjects in which India excels internationally.

China wants to compete globally in the tech market, and that means that the ability to hire skilled workers from around the world must be facilitated to encourage the best in their field workers to be hired without hassle by Chinese companies that want to expand or build on their existing business.

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