Choosing the Ideal Wedding Planner for Your Wedding

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamJanuary 19, 2023
Updated 2023/08/02 at 6:36 AM
Wedding planners.
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Choosing the best wedding planner is a difficult task. While every couple wants an experienced and competent planner, selecting someone with whom you instantly connect is crucial. Finding the appropriate professional who meets all of the above criteria—not to mention works within your budget—might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack but breathe a sigh of relief because we’ve got you covered.

Take notes as we walk you through how to hire a wedding planner stress-free.

Make the Most of your Resources

Whether you’re looking for a new hair stylist, dress tailor, or banquet hall in Mississauga for your wedding venue, nothing beats a personal recommendation from your network to put your mind at ease. Turn to your friends and family for ideas on hiring a wedding planner, and you could be pleasantly surprised by the number of quality leads that come your way. You can broaden your network by reaching out to your internet contacts and posting a job on social media.

For even more new leads, try searching for city-specific wedding planner hashtags. Similarly, use internet vendor reviews through your favourite wedding planning websites. Do you consider yourself to be Instagram-savvy?

Examine their Online Presence

Have you found a wedding planner that you think would be a good fit? Check their website, portfolio, blog, and social media as the next stage in your investigation. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about their aesthetics and style, as well as their “brand voice” and communication style. Is their work available on any blogs or internet magazines? On their website, look for the coveted “As Seen In” badges as another piece of evidence of excellent work.

If you’ve discovered a social media-savvy wedding planner, you might even be able to sneak a live glimpse at a client’s wedding day on their Instagram or Facebook stories.

The vibe on a Personal Level

You want to pick a wedding planner with whom you would like to work and collaborate. You’ll be spending a lot of time with this individual in the build-up to the wedding, so make sure it’s a good fit on both a professional and personal level.

When in doubt, pause and conduct an honest gut check. Ask yourself if this is the person you want holding your hand metaphorically (or even literally) on one of the most important days of your life. Is the answer a resounding yes? Pop the cork because you’ve finally discovered the right wedding planner for you.

Read the Contracts

The most crucial factor to remember when evaluating how to locate a wedding planner is to read the contract from beginning to end. We recognize that sifting through volumes of documentation is tedious, but it is vital to understand what services you are receiving so that everything runs smoothly along the way. Make sure you understand how this planner handles pricing and/or additional costs, day-of set-up and tear-down, and backup plans for severe weather.

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