Cleaning a Painted Metal Roof System: How To & Best Methods

Cleaning a Painted Metal Roof System: How To & Best Methods 1

Metal roof is a great invention in the architectural sector. Metal and coated roofs are getting popular for their durability. Though those are expensive, they hold the roof on our heads for a long time. However, a metal roof needs special cleaning and overseeing. Otherwise, dust and chemical reactions can reduce the stability and durability of the metal roof. In that case, you might consider some best and perfect methods for cleaning the roof. For professional support, you could look at or try DIY methods on your own. So, we are here to share some safe and effective painted metal roof cleaning ideas and methods. So let’s dive into it.

Cleaning a Painted Metal Roof System: How To & Best Methods 2

Before Start The Cleaning Procedure

Inspection: The metal roof is a long time investment. So, you have to be careful about its health. If you are living in an area that has bad weather conditions. You have to spend some time on roof maintenance every 6 months.

In that case, you can try some DIY inspection methods. Because proper inspection is necessary to generate a perfect damage report. Nowadays drone inspection is popular for finding out damage on the roof without physical presence. Therefore, a metal roof inspection is the first step before attempting roof cleaning.

Point the Spot that needs cleaning: If you take regular maintenance action for your roof then it won’t be fully damaged. We all know that metal roofs are really expensive and hard to replace. In fact, that will be a long and expensive procedure for any kind of metal roof.

So, if you don’t want that incident to happen, you should take regular inspection. However, a proper inspection will help you spot the faulty area. So you don’t need to look all over the roof. In addition, this process also helps identify the actual cleaning area rather than walking all over the metal roof.

Safety Procedure: Metal roof cleaning has lots of benefits. On the other hand, you have to be very careful during cleaning the roof. Otherwise, you could cause damage or other related issues to the painted metal roof. While cleaning the roof, always use safety for yourself and the roof. Use OHSA verified ladder, safety shoes, gloves, fall protection equipment, etc. 

If you want to DIY cleaning, don’t do that without any support. At least take another person with you in case of safety.

Best metal roof cleaning method

Detergents solution: Detergents are really strong and effective dust cleaners. It is a non-invasive solution for cleaning coated and painted metal roofs. A detergent solution is easy to make and easy to use. You can just spread it on your metal roof and wait at least 5 minutes. The detergent will effectively remove dust and other soft and weak dirt.

You might be confused about which type of detergent is suitable for roof cleaning? There are plenty of detergents we can find in the market. Moreover, car washing shops, industrial cold/hot detergents, laundry detergents are best for metal roofs. So, buy one of them and mix one to five cups of detergent per gallon of water. It is the perfect solution for a painted metal roof.

Plain & Clean water: Plain and clean water works best for low-grade dirt and dust. It is also safe for the painted metal roof. Because there are no chemical reactions in plain water. Using water for roof cleaning is also easier than other processes. Here you have to use a safe ladder to reach the roof. Then use a pipe that is connected to the water pump. This procedure will save extra maintenance money and effort. On the other hand, it is the best DIY method that has no major risk of accidents.

Solvents: We already know how to clean the dust off a roof that is not water-resistant. Though, that situation is common for homeowners. But not always the simple taking care is not enough. Especially non-water elements like grease, graffiti, oil, paint, tar, etc.

Those elements are sticky and hard to remove with detergent and plain water. In that case, you have to use solvents or petroleum solvents. Which one is going to work depends on the form of the element? However, solvents like mineral spirits, rubbing alcohol, and naphtha are highly effective. In that case, you have to be careful while using it. Experts say that you have to use solvents on the affected area. Otherwise, your painted roof will encounter multiple damages.

Special Chemical Solutions: Rust is a dangerous enemy for metal roofs. Maximum time by the connection between uncoated or unpainted particles with metal roof caused rust. Only a single rust can bind you to replace the whole metal roof.

So, you have to be very careful in case of finding any rust strain in the top. However, the best way to remove rust is using hydrochloric/citric/muriatic/oxalic acid or vinegar with 1×5 percent water.

Bottom Line

A painted metal roof needs particular care for its chemical build-up. We all know that a metal roof has a long lifespan. Careless behavior can be the reason for its short durability. On the other hand, regular inspection and maintenance can reduce the cost of major damage of roof replacement before the minimum time of guarantee.

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