Cook It: A COVID-Friendly Healthy Alternative to Ordering In

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamJanuary 8, 2021
Updated 2023/09/01 at 4:57 AM

One of the big lifestyle changes we had to make in 2020 came from losing the ability to eat out. Going to restaurants became unsafe in a world with an airborne virus spreading rapidly. Thus, people around Canada and the world were forced to learn to cook or to order in.

Ordering in became the norm for people who don’t know how to cook or have no time to do so. Unfortunately, ordering in often comes at the cost of a healthy, balanced diet. The easy fast-food options are so processed and full of unhealthy ingredients that they partly account for heart disease and diabetes prevalence. And even the restaurants providing healthy foods have struggled to pair quality control with delivery.

The good news is that there is an alternative. Cook It is a Canadian meal kits subscription service that provides healthy, nutritionally balanced meals to people too busy to spend hours in the kitchen.

Here is how Cook It works.

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What is a meal kit subscription?

Cook It is Canada’s oldest meal kit subscription service. What exactly does that mean?

A meal kit subscription service provides boxes of fresh ingredients prepared for easy cooking, along with a simple recipe. Each box comes with exactly the right amount of ingredients you need for that meal (according to how many people you are catering for), and actual cooking time takes fifteen to thirty non-labor-intensive minutes.

Anyone can cook a Cook It meal, even if you never cook. Furthermore, even if you are struggling to find twenty minutes to do the basics while working from home, some of that time will be completely passive on your end while you wait for your oven to do the work.

Meal kits are delivered to you to avoid the grocery store, which is a particular benefit during the pandemic. The benefits are not just practical, either.

A focus on health

Cook It provides meals that are nutritionally balanced according to expert guidelines. They also offer meals designed to cater to specific diets. So, whether you are trying to lower your carb intake, vegetarian, or simply a picky eater, Cook It will have a meal kit for you.

Over the past year, we have learned just how important a healthy diet is. Two of the biggest comorbidities that have caused complications for people with COVID-19 are obesity and diabetes. Both are conditions that are caused primarily by poor nutrition.

These conditions are often blamed on lifestyle choices, but it is difficult to lay the blame at the feet of people working hard and who don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. Blaming fast food companies has become popular but is not all that helpful, considering how few health measures regulators are willing to impose on them.

All of which makes Cook It such a good alternative. As 2021 arrives, we all want to become healthier, which is a sustainable way.

There are other benefits to Cook It and meal subscription services like it.

No wastage

Wasted food is a huge problem in Canada, on both an environmental and individual level. About 11 million tonnes of food is wasted in Canada each year, mostly ending up in landfills. Resources are drained, putting an increased burden on the environment. And, in your home, money goes down the drain.

Food wastage is difficult to prevent because buying the right amount of perishables at the grocery store requires careful meal planning that most of us do not know how to do. Furthermore, even though you may buy something with the full intention of eating it in a particular meal, you might be too tired to cook that day and end up ordering in.

Meal kits counter this problem by providing exactly what you need for each meal. They work directly with the product and do not need to provide particular package sizes. Instead of spending hours trying to meal plan and shopping according to that plan, the work is done for you.

Financial savings

Meal kit subscription services can lead to financial savings as well. In addition to the money you save on wasted groceries, you save on expensive meals ordered from restaurants. You also won’t double spend – both on ingredients for a meal you don’t end up making and on the takeout you eat in its place.

You can see a Cook It review and comparison to decide if it is worth the money and an alternative that better suits you. While Cook It is reasonably priced, it is not the cheapest option out there.

Sustainable solutions

The problem with most diets is that they are unsustainable. Everyone starts a diet intending to carry through, but it becomes too difficult to deny your cravings or continuously make the right kind of healthy meal.

Cook It and other meal kit subscription services are sustainable solutions. They make it easy to stick to a healthy eating plan simply by covering the planning and preparing for you. They are not based on a self-denial diet. Rather, by ensuring you eat healthy dinners regularly, your body gets the nutrition it needs to get healthy and maintain wellbeing.

As 2021 begins, we all must start taking better care of our bodies. Diet is crucial, and we are long overdue a healthy alternative to ordering takeout.

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