Dating on the Internet: love or not love?

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Icy Canada TeamSeptember 22, 2021
Updated 2023/09/02 at 9:35 AM
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Find a soul mate, your other half, crazy love. Dating sites promise you wonders… and it is true that the couples created on the Web have multiplied in recent years. So should we be tempted? Finding true love thanks to the Internet, what to think about it?

Specialized sites have something to appeal to young audiences. In addition to the prospect of meeting, their playful spirit attracts the curious moncton singles, eager for new things. “A friend wanted to register on the Attractive Word site but she had to sponsor someone, I accepted to see”, explains Joanna who thus found herself registered.

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The advantages of cyber dating

To find a soul mate, the web has certain advantages. Gabriel himself was tempted. “A few years ago, I registered on a dating site, more out of curiosity than to find love”, explains the young man. What had seduced him: the reassuring aspect, the protection. The computer could be a barrier that allows you to protect yourself from the unknown.

Be cash: say what you are looking for straight away

You are looking for your prince or princess on the web, but this is not the case for all connected. Between curiosity, a one-night stand, hunts for young girls, or long-lasting love, all profiles are mixed up on dating sites, especially when you are young.

Learn to discover each other, to talk to each other

Betting on the natural side is also a good way to know if the attraction is mutual and sincere.

The first “real” date

Taking the time to discover each other is also what Mariam and her husband did. “For three months we hit it off, then we emailed each other and called each other.” The telephone allows you to better understand the person.


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