Different Bingo types 

Different Bingo types  1

The funny thing about bingo when thought of in the context of gambling is that it can often be looked down on as a pretty bland version of a gambling game, and this is largely down to the fact that it was never really granted a position in the various casinos that have dominated the gambling industry until now. In reality, however, no deposit bingo is a more accessible game than any other gambling avenue available to people these days.

Now, we wouldn’t be surprised if some people had a slight issue with that statement, especially if they are big fans of things like online slots, but the truth is that bingo is played everywhere from school in order for education all the way through to care homes. It is a universal game for various demographics, part of the reason why it has seen so much success over the years. Want to know a little about all of the different bingo types being played at the moment? Read on to find out.

Different Bingo types  2

75 Ball Bingo 

75 ball bingo is undeniably the most popular and commonly played version of bingo in the 21st century, and it has been since the early 1900s, where a man called Edwin S. Lowe created the world’s first universal bingo card that sent the game into an exponential spiral of popularity. 

75 ball bingo works using, you guessed it, 75 balls that are spun in a wheel, each one of them having their own number value inscribed on them. The scorecard works using a 5×5 grid that contains 24 different numbers and one blank space. As the numbers are picked out of the spinning wheel players must cross out any that are on their scorecard. The first person to cross them all or a horizontal line wins! 


In the early 1990s two British engineers and casino software developers had a brainwave: why not try and combine slots with bingo? The duo quickly patented the slingo term, and got to work trying to realise their concept. Unfortunately for them it would take another decade at least for slingo to even become possible, however once the technology was there it gained major popularity. 

In fact, the duo sold the slingo company for several million dollars in the end, proving that their idea was in fact a majorly solid one! Slingo works using a classic 5×5 bingo scorecard that sits below the traditional slot reels, all gamblers have to do is hope that their scorecard numbers appear on the reels. 

Bingo Bonanza 

What a great name for a game of bingo, eh? Bingo Bonanza is a fairly modern version of online bingo that promises high-octane gambling fun and routinely large jackpots. This version of bingo uses 43 numbers, and the first person to tick them all of their scorecard is the winner.  

It is a simple variant of bingo, and attracts many players exactly because of this, something that in turn paves the way for some pretty tantalizing jackpots.

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