Do Backlogs Affect Your Foreign Study Dream?

Do Backlogs Affect Your Foreign Study Dream? 1

Are you wondering if you can realize your foreign study dreams? The one thing that might be setting you back is backlogs.

A backlog sounds very negative and is a nightmare. Well, for some people that nightmare is a reality and weakens their hope of studying in a foreign country. If you are one of those, let me tell you, there’s nothing like that. Students with lower marks do get admission in universities abroad. However, the rules are different for different countries.

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How to Make Your Foreign Study Dream a Reality?

Lets know more about how different countries handle backlogs:

1. Canada

Some universities in Canada allow a maximum of five backlogs and a minimum percentage of 70. You need IELTS over 6.0. A few universities allow seven to eight backlogs for postgraduate students and minimum 65 percent. If you are dedicated, you can realize your foreign study dream in one of the best nations on earth.

2. Germany

German universities allow no more than five backlogs. A handful of universities don’t take students with backlogs at all because they have to maintain a good reputation.

3. Australia

Private universities in Australia allow up to seven backlogs and public universities allow a maximum of four universities. Go8 universities accept students with not more than two or three backlogs.

4. New Zealand

Universities accept maximum five backlogs and institutes accept 12 to 15 backlogs. New Zealand is very lenient when it comes to backlogs because they are in need of workers.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also very lenient when it comes to backlogs. However, you need an IELTS score of 6.5 minimum in most universities and 6.0 in a handful universities or depending on your course.

6. The United States of America

Maximum backlogs the USA allows is five to eight. If your GRE score is between 315 and 325 and you have seven or eight backlogs, you still have a very bright chance to get into prestigious universities of the US.

It isn’t alright to ignore education, but if you have don’t that in the past, it is alright, focus on your future. Work hard and get good grades because very few fortunate people get to study. If you believe in your foreign study dream, you can do it too!

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