Dutch Programme Encourages Foreign Graduates in the Netherlands to Stay

Dutch Programme Encourages Foreign Graduates in the Netherlands to Stay 1

More Than 1/3 of Foreign Graduates in the Netherlands Stays There After Graduation

In 2014/15, 90,000 foreign graduates in the Netherlands were staying there, with a third of them staying on after graduation to work. Much of this can be down to the Governments ‘Make it in the Netherlands’ program, which seeks to make it easier for overseas graduates to find work after graduation. Some 38% of graduating students in the Netherlands stay on to work, which is higher than the global average of 25%. Of the percentage that chooses to stay, 71% are in employment in the Netherlands.

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Many foreign students in the Netherlands come to study due to the high quality of the education here, and the fact that many courses are taught in both Dutch and English. Higher education institutions in the country have worked hard to encourage students to stay and retain them in the labor market.

The majority of the students who choose to stay come from outside the European Union. Foreign graduates in the Netherlands have an orientation year after graduation in which they are helped to find work in Holland, as well as have a chance to pick up the Dutch language through courses at local language schools. It is expected that businesses, municipalities, higher education institutions, and non-profit organizations will try to expend more effort to hire international graduates.

The Netherlands is renowned for being a center of international trade and commerce, with fantastic travel links worldwide, so it makes sense that the country will seek to hire the best and brightest of overseas talent. With such a high population of students from overseas, the talent pool is already there and farsighted Dutch Government programs are seeking to take advantage of this by helping foreign graduates in the Netherlands or even apply for citizenship in a supported naturalization scheme.


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