Effective Ways to Monetize Your Side Hustle

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamMarch 23, 2021
Updated 2023/08/24 at 10:37 AM

Whatever shape the economy was in before, a year of COVID-19 has only made it worse. There are extensive conversations about jump-starting the economy or how best to support ordinary people through regular and challenging times.

Let’s put aside the systemic issues for a moment and focus simply on there here and now — what you could surely use is a little more cash. Keep reading for some safe and effective ways to make money from doing what you enjoy or modifying your business.

On-Demand Printing

There are different ways Canadians can leverage the internet to turn their passion into a money-making enterprise or even a career. If you’re a podcaster, blogger, musician, or some other type of online artist, use print-on-demand t-shirts in Canada to supplement your ad revenue by selling “merch.”

To be sure, you can make a reliable income from direct sales or through ad placements, but selling merchandise lets you connect with your fans in a fun and new way while thickening your revenue stream. Perhaps you have a business already on sites like Etsy?

Connect with print automated software to streamline the process and save you time, money, and stress. Look for the right platform to link you to a like-minded printer near you. 

Make a Pivot

Many artists can’t perform in live settings right now, so they release videos on social media and their websites. It’s easy to imagine how a musician can switch from performing in concerts to recording songs, but artists in other mediums or people in business can leverage technology to pivot to something safer now.

For example, restaurants can’t host indoor diners, so they’re making different takeout and delivering newly available or selling food they would have cooked in a meal and served at the table as groceries. 

Whether you’re running a business, a side hustle, or a side hustle that becomes a business, don’t be afraid to get creative and find a safe and effective way to make it work.

Harness Social Media

Social media platforms offer different ways to let you connect directly with your audience and consumers. Each platform has its feel and quirks, so pick the one that best suits your art, product, or business needs. 

Some social media platforms are better for engagement, while others have marketplaces to facilitate sales. Check out what other people in your position are doing to get a sense of what’s happening in that space, then think about a unique angle you can take to get a leg up on the competition.

Society has come back from disasters before, and we will do so again. If you or people you know could use some quick cash, the above ideas are safe to try in a pandemic, and they could give you a badly-needed bump to your income. A side hustle may occupy center stage during a pandemic, so do everything you can to make the most of it.

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