Enjoy a Custom Designed Niagara Townhouse Today 

Enjoy a Custom Designed Niagara Townhouse Today  1

Townhomes in the Niagara Region are not what you would normally find in the GTA. Townhomes in Niagara tend to be luxury homes and are bungalows with a master bedroom on the main floor. It is convenient and ensures you can continue to stay in your new bungalow even if you develop short- or longer-term mobility issues.

Townhomes are so popular in southern Ontario that it might seem that they go up too fast to allow for custom options, but what’s available to you really depends entirely on the company that’s building your home. When you’re looking to work with a custom home builder in Niagara or the surrounding area, you want to ensure that you find a company eager to create the perfect residence for your needs with craftsmanship you can trust. 

Enjoy a Custom Designed Niagara Townhouse Today  2

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Some of the customization options that are available when you purchase a new bungalow or townhome include: 

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Shower size and style
  • Cabinet style and quartz countertops
  • Custom basement designs to add an extra bedroom, home office, or fitness room


Freedom from Maintenance and Worry

Many townhome offerings include lawn and garden maintenance, winter snow removal and irrigation.

This gives you more time to enjoy your leisure and allows you to leave worry-free when travelling to visit friends or going south for a winter break. The maintenance-free exteriors and upscale maintenance will assure your enjoyment and preserve the value of your investment.

Unless you have someone checking up on your home, leaving for a vacation can complicate your coverage. Exterior maintenance such as snow removal is a great way to make sure someone sees your home and keeps the driveway clear, but you should still check in with your insurer about how frequently and how thoroughly your home should be checked while you are away.

Moving into a Brand-New Home

One of the reasons that a townhome with custom features might make the perfect choice for you is that you’ll be able to move out of an older home and into a place where you’ll not only be the first owner, you’ll be the first occupant. 

When you work hand-in-hand with a company that’s building your new home, you get more say over specific features of your home. Many companies will even help you work directly with suppliers to find materials that meet your specifications. 

Getting Help from the Professionals

When you find a company that you can trust to make professional decisions based on years of experience, you’ll be able to get expert help finding the options that work best for you and your family. If you’re interested in making a secure investment in a home that you’ll also love, it helps to get some advice from professionals. 

Both townhomes and bungalows make excellent choices for a new home in the Niagara region for 2021. Get in touch with a company that offers customization options and friendly service so that you can learn more about the possibilities for your new move-in ready home. 


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