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Explore Palestine while Riding on a Donkey

Palestine is blessed with natural and cultural beauty.

A group of young people in Palestine have come up with a unique initiative that will benefit the Palestine tourism industry. One of the organisers of this initiative, Raouf Hawwari, who is also a Palestinian activist, has told the press that donkeys are the icons of  Palestinian rural areas.

What could be better than exploring these rural areas other than riding on a donkey?

This step has been taken to lure tourists who want to experience Palestine and gain knowledge about the place by getting into the skin of the locals. The tourists will feel more connected to the local people by riding on a donkey which is a common mode of travel in the rural areas of Palestine.

The initiative also aims at protecting the Palestinian cultural and historical heritage.

About the tour:

Areas which hold major archeological significance can only be visited by  travellers who book a donkey with the tour.

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The tour will start from the historical town of Sebastia. On the way, you will be in for a treat as you will observe beautifully-built stone columns. You will then reach Masoudiya where the Ottoman railway station was located earlier.

Your journey of 20 kilometers will end in the mesmerizing Palestinian valleys. The total journey will take about seven hours, in which you will gain a lot of insight into the Palestinian culture and their traditional foods which will be presented to you during the trip.

You will come across many historical monuments in this journey like the ancient Romanian Basilica, which is both a temple of Augustus and a church which was constructed during the Byzantine period.

Palestine’s beauty is still unaffected by the political conflict surrounding the region.

And, of course, you will also get to ride on a donkey!


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