Exploring The Incredible Sloquet Hot Springs

Sloquet hot springs

Are you planning a trip to Sloquet Hot Springs this weekend? Well, know all about the fantastic hot springs before you take that relaxing getaway this weekend!

The Sloquet Hot Springs is literally located in the lap of nature. The popular weekend spot is just off the forest service road.  A logging road leads to the hot springs. So, the ride to the hot springs is a rough one but all the effort is worth it.

British Columbia has many amazing hot springs. And the Sloquet Hot Springs is one of the favorite sites for many Hot Spring lovers. The Hot Springs has both naturally occurring as well as man-made pools.

The upper pools might be too hot for bathing. While the lower pools are of suitable temperature. It is advisable to check the temperature of the water before jumping in. The water gets hot enough to give scalds and burns.

The Sloquet Hot Springs traditionally belong to the people of the Xa’xtsa Nation. It is also known as the Douglas First Nation. Douglas First Nation is a band government. Douglas First Nation is recognized under the Indian Act. Douglas First Nation has been using the hot springs for generations. It holds religious and spiritual significance for the people of Douglas First Nation.

You can access Sloquet Hot Springs from the south via the Sts’ailes FSR. It was formerly known as Harrison West FSR (Forest Service Road). Harrison West FSR winds down the western edge of Harrison Lake. But Harrison West FSR doesn’t have a lake view, despite running alongside the lake. You might find a camping spot to halt alongside Harrison West FSR.

If you come via this road, turn at the Sasquatch Inn. You will find a gas station at the Sts’ailes First Nation Road. THe gas station lies 2 kilometers past the turn-off to Sloquet. The gas station has unleaded and diesel fuels. You will find the regular pump prices displayed. Cash, credit cards and debit cards are accepted at the gas station.

Without any further delay, let us get into a discussion on exploring the Sloquet Hot Springs.

What does it look like?

The Sloquet Hot Springs are a bunch of rock pools and medium-sized pools that begin at a hot waterfall. This water then goes and meets the Sloquet creek through these pools. So, you get to see a hot waterfall, along with a creek and small pools.

The pools lie between the waterfall and the river of Sloquet.

How to get to the Sloquet Hot Springs?

Well, you will have to drive or ride for around 75 kilometers (approximate) on the In-Shuck-ch forest service road. The drive lasts for about two to three hours. But this long drive is absolutely worth all the hustle.

The trail leading up to the hot springs is marked. The path to the campsite is marked as well. Note that due to poor connectivity, your cell phone may not be accessible.

Which is the best time to visit Sloquet Hot Springs?

Like mentioned before, this is a famous spot for Hot Spring enthusiasts. You will usually find it crowded on the weekends and holidays. In summers too, the spot is crowded.

Since it is a small place, it feels crowded quickly. You will find the hot springs to yourself at the start of the fall. In extreme winters, the hot springs sometimes become inaccessible due to snowfall.

Who manages the site?

The hot springs site, as well as the campsite, are still managed by the Xa’xsta First Nations along with Recreations Sites and Trails BC. The managers and operators are local and they help out with directions.

The Sloquet Hot Springs does not accept pre-bookings and reservations. They go on the ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis. The site operators help you with allocation of sites. Site operators attend to customers, collect fees and look after maintainance. Most site operators are locals and know the area well. If you are confused about directions, you can always ask the site operators.

Reasons Why You Should Be Visiting the Sloquet Hot Springs

1. The Hot Springs Charges Almost Nothing

sloquet hot springs

The pools are lined by beautiful boulders

If you are planning a day trip, then the hot springs are totally free to use and enjoy. Obviously, if you are planning to stay overnight then you are charged a reasonable rate to stay in the inn.

If you visit the Sloquet Hot Springs in the mid-week then this is probably the best escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hot water and the green canopy of the trees overhead is a calming experience.

There is a spot nearby that has a table to keep your belongings and a few hooks to hang your clothes. The table is sheltered and has a bench as well.

The boulders lining the pools are comfortable to lean on. The bottoms of the pools are covered with soft sand. These pools are small or medium-sized.

The larger pools can be found near the bank of the Sloquet creek where they are directly fed by the primary source of the stream.

2. There is a cold dip as well

If you think this hot spring is all about hot water, then you are mistaken. Along with the hot pools and waterfall, there is a cold creek nearby. If you feel too hot or cooked, you can take a chilling dip in this cold creek.

The semi-natural pools have the perfect temperature. They are really warm and comfortable. The hot stream is the main source that feeds all the pools. So naturally, the closer you get to the source, the hotter it gets.

So, if you are feeling cooked, you might want to take a dip in this cool water.

3. You can camp there

hot springs

The Sloquet Creek that feeds the other pools

There is a campground just in the vicinity of the pools and creek. It is located uphill. The campsite has an alternate trail to the hot springs. But regardless of the trail you take, the hot springs are just five minutes away.

There are 20 campsites spread apart enough to get you some privacy. Each site has its own picnic table, pit toilet, and fire pit.

You will be charged $5 for parking and $15 (per night) for camping overnight.

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4. You can enjoy a night dip 

Imagine floating around in a pool of warm, warm water and being surrounded by a dozen candles at night. It is as exciting as it sounds. You can actually experience this at night at the hot springs.

There are spots on the cliff wall where you can light candles. In addition to this, there are some candle holders on the overhanging branches of the trees.

Did you know? The Sloquet Hot Springs is situated in the traditional territory of the Xa’xsta First Nations. They still use the springs for cleansing and spiritual ceremonies here.

5. The spot is very picturesque

sloquet hotsprings

Obviously, you must have an idea by now that the Sloquet Hot Springs is a beautiful spot. You can picture the dense green trees surrounding the pools, a cascading waterfall, and a vibrant, flowing creek.

The smooth grey rocks lining the blue pools are a wonderful sight. As the sun sets, the candles lighting up the cliff wall look exquisite. During the day, you spot some dream catchers on the overhanging branches.

Seriously, you can get some cool photos for your Instagram and snap stories. For professional people too, this place is perfect for some nature photography.

You can check out amazing photos of the Sloquet Hot springs. These pictures will sure make you plan your trip to the hot springs as soon as possible.

A Few Conditions

Please remember these few conditions while visiting the hot springs.

  1. Do not consume alcohol while in the pools. Take the spiritual history into consideration.
  2. Keep food, trash, and cigarettes away from the pools. Do not contaminate the water.
  3. As the spot is still sacred to the Xa’xsta people, keep it clean. Take your trash away with you. Do not litter the place.
  4. Pets are allowed into the campsites. However, pets cannot be taken to pools due to health concerns.

Hotels and Restaurants near the hot springs

There are no restaurants in the vicinity of the hot springs. You are advised to carry some tinned food or packed food. You can even carry some marshmallows to roast in the fire pits on the campsite. However, you can do this only if you are planning to stay overnight at the camp.

You can find restaurants in the nearby town of Lillooet. It is about three hours away from Hot Springs.

Nearby tourist attractions

Since the Sloquet Hot Springs is located in the Lillooette in Whistler, there are other amazing attractions that you might want to see while there. It would be super convenient to have a car with you, so you can enjoy the drive.

1. Lillooet Lake

You would want to arrange a trip to Lillooet Lake. It is approximately an hour two away from the hot springs. The lake has a serene blue-green color and the surrounding are quite scenic.

2. Tsek Hot Springs

The Tsek Hot Springs are located within 10 kilometers from the Sloquet Hot Springs. At Tsek Hot Springs, they serve you on a first come- first serve basis. They have 12 hot tubs in a remote and peaceful place. You can find both hot and cold water at Tsek Hot Springs.

Tsek is the Skatin name for this place. It is pronounced “chick”. It is also called Skookumchuck Hot Springs. Here’s an interesting fact about Skookumchuck Hot Springs. In the language of the Chinook people, Skookumchuck Hot Springs means strong water.

Skookumchuck Hot Springs were also called St. Agnes Well. Skookumchuck Hot Springs had that name in the days of the Frayser Canyon Gold Rush. However, the old name of Skookumchuck is not used anymore. It is hard to get the names right in the first shot. But remember, Tsek is pronounced “chick”. Some people write it as “T’sek”.

If you are willing to take a three-hour drive to the town of Lillooet, then you will come across a number of great restaurants and tourist spots. You can even visit these places in Lillooet and then head over to the Sloquet Hot Springs.

3. Seton Lake

This is one of the prominent attractions in Lillooet. This fantastic lake is enclosed by panoramic mountains. Since Lillooet is the biodiversity hotspot, you might spot some birds here.

The lake is ideal for swimming and canoeing. There is a railway line along the lake. You can also stop at the highway to take a quick look.

4. Lillooet Museum and Visitor Centre

The museum holds an array of ancient exhibits of Lillooet. You can stop by on your way to some other place. The staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable. The Miyazaki House is a four-minute walk from here.

In addition to this, there are some Hot Springs tours that take the tourist to all the major hot springs in British Columbia. If you are on a hot springs spree then you might want to check out these top Hot Springs in British Columbia.

Have you been to Sloquet Hotsprings? If yes, then do share your experience with us in the comments section below! Also, let us know if you found this article useful?

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