Best Quick Weekend Getaways from Toronto Best Quick Weekend Getaways from Toronto

Fast Flights: The 4 Best Weekend Trips from Toronto

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Torontonians don’t have to venture far to find fun. Right at the city’s doorstep lies a vast Golden Horseshoe of unspoiled nature, myriad lakes, and various exurban stomping grounds. 

Still, sometimes, you want a little more. Sometimes, you want to board a weekend flight and visit somewhere different. Luckily, that’s not hard to do either. 

In this article, explore four of the best destinations for a two-day airplane getaway from the Six. For each, we list how long the flight takes and how much it typically costs. 

Please note: these flights rarely allow free checked bags. Be sure to pack light in cold weather by bundling up on the plane, packing versatile travel sweaters from Unbound Merino, and rolling your clothes. Let’s take off!

New York

Ah, the Big Apple. If you’re keen to swap one big city for another, New York is the way to go. There’s lots to do in the five boroughs, including sightseeing, Central Park strolls, sports games, late-night show tapings, and a world-class dining scene. Yes, accommodation options can be expensive, but consider leaving Manhattan for another borough to save on your stay. 

How Long and How Much?

The trip takes an easy hour and forty minutes, costing roughly $275 round trip. However, keep an eye out for frequent deals that slash that price significantly. 


This is probably the longest flight of the bunch, but still easily doable for a weekend outing. And the upside: You land somewhere totally different than Toronto, an idyllic oceanside spot that’s warm throughout the year. While there are closer destinations in Mexico, few match the sun-soaked, white-sand allure of Cancun. 

How Long and How Much? 

The flight takes roughly four hours and twenty minutes. The good news is that, with budget airlines like Flair and Transat offering direct flights to Cancun, the cost is nominal – around $250 for a round trip. 


Montreal feels like you’re stepping into another country. The deep Francophone culture mixed with eclectic and artsy metropolitanism makes for a foreign experience right here at home. Visit the historic Mile End, try a piled-high smoked meat sandwich, catch a music show, tour the top-notch breweries and be home in time for Monday. 

How Long and How Much? 

Travel to Montreal isn’t airplane-dependent; you can get there by train relatively easily. Still, if you want to shave a few hours off your journey, you’re looking at an hour-and-fifteen-minute flight costing around $300. 


Vancouver is still in Canada – but it’s a world away in terms of distance. The “other” coast is a worthwhile weekend getaway, chock filled with nearby adventures (Whistler, Vancouver Island, etc.) and brimming with urban energy. It’s a beautiful place to spend a few days, if only to gawk at the impressive Pacific shoreline and temperate rainforest. 

How Long and How Much?

Vancouver takes a while to reach: around five hours. But, paradoxically, it can also be the cheapest to get to, since budget airlines like Lynx charter flights for as low as $115. 

Getting out of Toronto for a weekend trip is easier than it seems. Try one of these four fantastic destinations, which offer excitement and change without breaking the bank. 

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