Finland Attracting High Numbers of International Students

Finland Attracting High Numbers of International Students 1

 International Students Study In Finland

international students study in finland

A recent study using data from Statistics Finland has found that there is a percentage of students from foreign countries who pursue international students study in Finland. It is estimated that half of the foreign graduates are pursuing international students study in Finland. They stay in the country after graduation to find jobs. There are also a number of graduates who stay on to complete further education such as a Masters or a PhD.

This study, which was commissioned by CIMO, who are a national organisation who specialise in mobility between countries, covered 1,7000 students from overseas. Of those 1,700 graduates, 1,270 are part of the international students’ study in Finland.

Another study on happiness stated that 89% of the international students were happy that they had the opportunity to study in Finland. The students’ satisfaction was measured over four distinct areas, living, learning, support services and support upon arrival in the country.

The students expressed the most satisfaction about the services at their institution of higher learning, the labs, libraries, lecture rooms, and IT services and they felt that Finland itself was a safe and stable place in which to live. The Finnish universities also received a high score for their services upon arrival and the quality of accommodation.

Overall the happiest students were from India, Russia, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania, while the most dissatisfied students were from Mexico, Hungary, the USA, and Ukraine. Over 84% of students said they would definitely recommend studying in Finland, which is higher than the European average of 80.5%.

The main concerns that overseas students had were about the high cost of living in Finland and finding jobs after graduation, with universities planning on introducing more career advice as a result. Finnish universities attract students from around the globe, with the bulk coming from outwith Europe and 40% of them coming from Asia.

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