First Time at Ontario, What To Do and Where to Go?

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Are you planning a trip to Ontario? Well, be braced to have the most exciting experience. Ontario is home to the largest city, Toronto. Apart from that, the region holds Canada’s most visited natural attraction sites. The sites include pristine lakes, museums, national parks, casinos, and many more. Here, we will give you a guide to the top places to visit in Ontario. Most of these sites and locations will ensure you have a memorable and amazing experience on your first visit.

Niagara Falls

The fall is easy to visit as it is located in the city of Niagara. This is one of Ontario’s most recognized tourist attraction sites, and thousands of tourists visit it every year. Even though there are three sets of falls, Horseshoe Falls is the largest as it drops around 57 meters forming a big wall of water that stretches between Niagara Falls, USA, and Niagara Falls, Canada. The fall has a magnificent view if you see the great volumes of water dropping down.

Fallsview Casino Resort

Apart from numerous tourist attraction sites, Ontario is also home to casinos. One of the biggest land-based casinos in Canada is the Fallsview casino resort. The casino is next to the Horseshoe Falls, giving visitors a superb view of the waterfall.


In addition to this, the resort offers a massive gambling space with two entertainment halls, 130 tables, and 300 slot games. You will enjoy games like Caribbean Stud, blackjack, craps poker, and Pai Gow at the casino. Not to forget, the casino operates 24/7, indicating that you are not limited to opening hours, and thus you can visit the casino at any time that works best for you.

In a world where many people do things online, you can try Ontario online casinos as you relax in this resort. Ensure that you always check reviews to ensure that you land on reputable sites. 

Ontario’s Provincial and National Parks

Ontario has the most iconic national parks that provide access to the most beautiful sceneries. In the parks, you can find Ontario’s finest lakes, where you can enjoy activities like swimming, boat riding, and fishing.

One of the most famous parks in Algonquin Provincial Park, located in southern Ontario. The park provides an excellent destination for outdoor activities as it holds an extensive network of hiking trails and fantastic lakefront campgrounds. Another beautiful destination is the Killarney Provincial Park which offers an ideal place for camping, canoeing, and hiking.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is among the greatest museums in the province. The museum features a broad range of collections from science, cultural exhibits, and natural history worldwide. In 2007, the Royal Ontario Museum underwent an expansion that led to the birth of Michael Lee-chin Crystal, a section of modern antiquities. Now the museum is a mix of both old and new architecture with a striking appearance.

Toronto International Film Festival

Among the most famous events in Ontario’s calendar is the Toronto International Film Festival. This is because this festival brings some of the well-known movie stars across North America. The festival goes for about ten days and is held in early September. The best thing about the festival is that it has a great attendance with almost half a million visitors annually. You can also enjoy seeing your favorite actors, watching a film or enjoying the city as it has a buzz of activities.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is Canada’s most prestigious art gallery. It hosts collections of the most impressive Canadian paintings. However, much focus is on artists from Toronto and Ontario. The art gallery also holds Canada’s largest collection of oceanic and African art. Other collections include sculptures by European masters and the Contemporary and Modern collections from Europe and North America.

Muskoka and Cottage Country

One of Ontario’s famous summer spots is Muskoka or Cottage Country. The region is centered around lake Muskoka and other well-known lakes in the area. Even though there are other areas filled with beauty all over Ontario, the region’s proximity to the city has made it pretty popular. The site is fun to visit as it is surrounded by summer homes and high-end cottages that you can rent and enjoy great luxury.  


Lake of the Woods

If you want to discover Ontario’s wilderness, the ideal place to visit is Lake of the Woods and the surrounding area. The beautiful water body lies in the sparsely populated provincial border of Ontario and Manitoba and dips in Minnesota.

This great lake provides a perfect wilderness experience in an incredibly scenic setting. The lake also provides outstanding opportunities for tourists who visit Canada for boating activities and fishing trips.

Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort is one of the famous ski resorts in Ontario. It is located just outside the town of Collingwood on the shores of Georgian Bay. At the mountain base, Blue Mountain Village offers first-class accommodation, top-end shops, and fine dining restaurants. The resort is operational all year and is busiest in summer compared to winter. You can enjoy activities like zip-lining, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking at the resort.

Toronto’s CN Tower

Among the most iconic structures in Canada is the CN Tower. The 553-meter tower stands tall along Toronto’s skyline. At night the tower is lit, and it can be seen from every point in the city. For a complete experience, it would be wise to take a trip up the tower.

By using an elevator, you will access the observation deck and the restaurant located three-quarters to the top. While at the observation deck as you will be viewing Lake Ontario and the city. It is also possible to see Niagara Falls on clear days.

The above-highlighted tourist attraction sites are just a few of the places that need to be on your bucket list when you visit Ontario. Schedule a visit to Ontario, and you will probably have a lifetime experience if you land on these great tourist attraction sites.

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