Flowerpot Island: A Pristine Beauty

flowerpot island

Flowerpot Island prevails merely 6.5 kilometers off the shoreline of Tobermory. This island is one of Canada’s most captivating original attractions.

Flowerpot Island is well-known for its simple sea stacks, also recognized as the “flowerpots.” Furthermore, Flowerpot Island grants explorers a chance to traverse caves, hiking traces, a well-known light station, and a variation of exceptional shrubs.

While the island is exclusively available only by yacht, Flowerpot Island is the exclusive isle in Fathom Five National Marine Greenland with campsites and trekking trails.

Mounting over the shimmering azure waters of Lake Huron are two extensive columns that mirror flower pots. Broken and formed into a pair of classic flattened columns, the flowerpots are supposedly the mineralized remains of two beloveds à la Romeo and Juliet. They were stiffened in time by the island’s Little Spirit.


According to an ancient myth of the Ottawa and Chippewa people, two juvenile people fell in love with the two fighting clans. Although they covered their desire for a while, they ultimately did a split from the coasts and were instantly pursued by members of their families. In a frantic effort to leave, the two lovers propelled toward Flowerpot Island, and in a severe wreck, were hardened on the shore.

Today, the flowerpots greet visitants to the tiny isle off Ontario, where people gather to pose in front of the immortal partners, tour the luscious island’s caverns, mountains, and woods.

Mapping Your Trip

How To Get There?

Flowerpot Island is 6.5km from Tobermory harbor and can be approached only by yacht. Two individual tour boat firms operate return journeys from Tobermory to the reef from mid-May to mid-October, climate allowing.

There is a small charge to enter Flowerpot Island, in interest to your yacht cruise pass. This may be given at the Bruce Anchor Cruises boat tour ticket booth or National Park Visitor Centre in Tobermory.

Note: Kayaking or canoeing to the reef is advised for skilled paddlers.

How Long To Spend On The Island?

1.5 Hours: view the flowerpots and cavern
3 Hours: examine the flowerpots, cave & light station
4-5 Hours: mark the flowerpots, cave, light station, barbecue, explore the complete loop path

Island Facilities

  • composting bathrooms at Beachy Cove (principal dock) and the light station
  • the well-known light station managed by the Friends of Bruce District Parks
  • hiking trace (loop)
  • picnic shade

What To Bring?

  1. firm footwear (hiking footwear or shoes)
  2. sunscreen & hat
  3. bring liquid; tap water is unavailable
  4. during summertime, refreshments & lunches may be accessible at the light station

Note: There are no waste amenities on the reef. Please carry back everything you brought with you.

Island Activities

1. Hiking

Most guests begin at Beachy Cove and travel to the flowerpots. From where it is a slight trek to the well-known Light Station. Most guests retreat to Beachy Cove waterfront by backtracking on the identical part of the tracks.

For a different rough and adventuresome hiking trail, proceed around the complete circuit, which moves through the rugged ground and has steep stairs.

2. Tour The Rock Formations

The Flowerpots are a variety of sea pile, created over multiple years as wind, precipitation, tides, and ice struck away at the hill that once stood alongside the water’s edge, the more delicate mineral corrodes more suddenly, transmitting the denser stone dwelling in the appearance of our Flowerpots.

If you look closely at the hills near the water, you will notice the beginning of new flowerpots currently being produced from the shoreline by the components.

3. Picnicking

There is a picnic shed on the shoreline beside Beachy Cove (towards the flowerpots) and picnic furniture at the Light Station. Numerous visitants like to produce lunch with them and hold a picnic on the reef.

If accommodation is not of interest, consuming lunch on the shoreline near the flowerpots is a delightful picturesque possibility as well.

Tap water is not accessible on the reef, so be sure to carry your own. Throughout the vacation months, refreshments and snacks may be available at the Light Station.

4. Diving & Snorkelling

Taking a dip in the refreshing spring of Georgian Bay is a famous pursuit for those touring the Flowerpot Island. You can utilize the washrooms at Beachy Cove to change.

Be careful! The shoreline is rugged, the ocean is freezing, and there are extensive drop-offs. There is no gravel bank on the island.

Standard stretches for swimming and snorkeling combine the picnic field by Beachy Cove and at the flowerpots. It is vital to regard that there are no sandbanks on the reef, so you must bring water shoes with you.

5. Traversing The Caverns

As you traverse the reef, you may see caves in the reef. Flowerpot has numerous caves, a few of which are convenient, and others that are not.

These caverns were created after the ultimate ice age roughly 12,000 years ago when the icy Lake Algonquin entirely blanketed Flowerpot Island.

As the lake levels declined in stages, the rocks were revealed to the eroding influences of the lake for fluctuating durations, of course. This event produced various caverns to form in the rocks in multiple sizes and places everywhere the reef.

In addition to the Flowerpots and the Lighthouse is the island’s central cavern. Discovered near the Flowerpots, the massive cavern can be reached by stairs and observed at an extensive stage. Other caverns are expecting you if you are engrossed in traversing the reef.

6. Visit The Lightstation

Volunteers manage the well-known Light Station, which proffers a sense of a lightkeeper’s lifestyle. When volunteers are on-site, you can buy a cold beverage. Savor the scene from the deck!

The famous Flowerpot Lightstation is a must-see highlight of Flowerpot Island. It was reconstructed at the turn of this century. This light station was sustained by lighthouse keepers who survived on the island from April through December.

The trek to the lighthouse station demands substantial footwear, an abundance of water, and approximately three hours for the round tour journey as the terrain is rough.

During the vacation months, those who tour the reef may travel to the Light Station via the Flowerpots pathway. The volunteers are usually there to welcome you and merchandise snacks. If you demand one, there is no charge to join the houses to traverse, although contributions are appreciated.

7. Camping

The classic Flowerpot Island experience commences with awakening up in canvas and observing the Flowerpots first thing in the daylight before the voyage yachts arrive at the reef. If you are fortunate, you’ll notice a daybreak mist over the water, absolutely peaceful water, or both!

There is a unique camping place in Fathom Five, on Flowerpot Island. You’ll be dreaming of the vibrations of Georgian Bay lapping at the shoreline!

Bruce Anchor Cruises will carry campers, leading a decent amount of equipment, to the reef. There are six campsites established near Beachy Cove.

Pre-registration with Parks Canada is expected. Campers must register and also pay all of their parking fees at the Visitor Centre and present to Bruce Anchor Cruises staff before transportation to Flowerpot Island is permitted.

Information For Camping On Flowerpot Island

  • There are roughly six tenting grounds on Flowerpot Island. Each has a wooden tent platform. These sites are a short walk from Beachy Cove – the main dock on the island.
  • Access to the isle is only by either a private tour boat from Tobermory, or your boat, or a kayak (professional paddlers only).
  • Pleasure boaters, kindly note: There is no dockage for private vessels on Flowerpot Island currently.
  • Paddlers can just pull up their canoes or kayaks on shore. We do not recommend that boat anchor in Beachy Cove due to commercial boat traffic and safety measures (anchor slipping).
  • Before going to visit the island, you must obtain your camping and day-use permits from the Park’s Visitor Centre in Tobermory.
  • There is one composting toilet facility near the campsites.
  • Carry your water that you may need, or purify the bay water.
  • Bad weather can leave you stuck on this island for an extra day or two. Be mentally prepared.

The island is isolated, so be prepared with everything you may need.

For more information about camping on Flowerpot Island, please contact the park.

Top Laws & Regulations For Camping On The Flowerpot Island

  • Most people tour the place for a peaceful getaway. Unreasonable shouting is forbidden at all times.
  • To preserve the park ecosystem, relocation, destruction, or interruption of any real or artistic items is forbidden.
  • Campfires are not permitted on the reef.
  • Keep pets on a tiny leash (3m or less) and tidy up after them.
  • The Ontario liquor warrants apply in the greens. Liquor may only be drunk at your campsite. Alcohol is forbidden from the place on Victoria Day weekend in May.
  • A maximum group of four persons is permitted on any campsite.
  • Fireworks of any sort are forbidden in the place.
  • Campsite check-out time is at 11 am.
  • If proposing to dip in Fathom Five, you must first register and buy a Dive Tag at the Park Visitor Centre.

What To Bring?

  1. Firm footwear such as running footwear or hiking shoes
  2. A hat and Sunscreen
  3. Water bottle, there is no tap water handy on the reef.
  4. Camera

Where To Eat?

1.Two Chicks Café and Smoothie Bar, Sauble Beach

Two Chicks restaurant is one more exceptional selection for those who find a magnanimous breakfast to be a tad too much before moving into a bathing outfit.

This hip resto initiates early, serving breakfast, baked goods to stay, and breakfast sandwiches or to go (seize a seat in one of the attractive Muskoka chairs).

flowerpot isalnd

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels.

Wholesome smoothies, whole grain, and sandwich-type offerings round out the list. Open for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

2.DNL Restaurant In Sauble Beach

If you’re looking for the area where the locals proceed, glance no further than DNL Restaurant if you’re in the desire for a full, typical Canadian breakfast.

Speedy, courteous service, good-sized servings, and inexpensive charges update to keep the counters and tables crowded year-round. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Other excellent breakfast hot spots near the shore are:

  1. Sauble Dunes Bar & Grill, Sauble Beach
  2. Kit-Wat Motel Restaurant, near Sauble River
  3. Luscious Bakery Deli Café, Sauble Beach
  4. Amicis Coffee Bar, Sauble Beach

  3.The Lighthouse, Southampton

It’s not unusual. But when you experience pangs of hunger first thing in the daylight, you’ll be exhilarated; you brought your hunger to The Lighthouse.

If fueling up before a hectic day is required, this diner-style eatery will have a full breakfast in front of you in no time. The menu is extensive; it might take you longer to choose what to have than it takes to prepare it. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4.Just Like Mom’s, Southampton

For a full, extensive breakfast, you’ll want to go to Just Like Mom’s. This eatery may be miniature inside, but its breakfast servings are immense.

The principal thing you’ll see is a wall of mounted photos of women, basically a picture of the owner’s famous aunt, a lady who encouraged her. Over the years, other diners have offered their own female motivations. It’s a pleasant touch.

5.The Sun Shines On Our Bakeries

While the shores at Sauble, Southampton, Port Elgin, and Kincardine are deemed to be foremost attractions, no vacation to Bruce County would be impeccable without an exploration of their confectionery – which some would quarrel, should also be on the list of ‘chief attractions.’

As Canadian as it can be, Nanaimo bars, gooey butter tarts, and Rhubarb/Strawberry pies are crafted here with a bizarre Bruce County stamp. Their heritage lies in baking, and you’ll quickly discover that they do it properly than most.

Feel the variation that regional elements such as their country churned butter, pure clover honey, and farm-fresh eggs make. With numerous fields in the region, it’s not troublesome to discover surprises that taste as extraordinary as the locally-sourced ingredients are used for the dishes.

Extravagant Lakeshore Dining

1. Be A Culinary Pioneer

From Sauble Beach to Point Clark, the Lakeshore area must be the pure windy center of the Bruce Peninsula. How else to describe all the culinary contributions accessible to the gastronomic traveler?

Their abundant shores and watersports support to consume off calories that require constant replenishment. After a holiday burrowing in the sand, travelers dig into encouraged recipes emphasizing local sun-kissed fruits and vegetables, Bruce County beef, Lake Huron’s Whitefish, and some of the best baking and homemade treats in Ontario, motivated by their Mennonite and family farm heritage.

By day time, put on your flip flops and appreciate cozy patios facing a beach. By nighttime, take it up a notch and traverse some of the most elegant dinings the region has to give.

Whether you dine in or experience a quick takeout, you and your peers will explore a variety of culinary exploration as several as anyone could visualize!

Here are some recommendations to get your culinary experience incited:

2.Sola’s Grill, Sauble Beach

After a holiday on the beach, there’s nothing more satisfying than honoring a magnificent twilight with a large feast at Sola’s Grill. This occupied patio is the ‘it’ place on the shore for people-watching sunsets and live harmoniously.

Kid-friendly, there’s also indoor accommodation for drizzly days or for those craving to get outdoors. Famous with locals, visit early or foresee a delay.

Other hot spots near the beach to check out are:

  • Two Chicks Café and Smoothie Bar, Sauble Beach
  • Castro’s, Sauble Beach
  • Sauble Dunes Bar & Grill, Sauble Beach
  • Luscious Bakery Deli Café, Sauble Beach

3.Walker House, Southampton

Instituted in 1915, the Walker House is one of the primary buildings in Southampton. With a lengthy history of hospitality, you’ll make yourself immediately at home.

Whether you feel like encouraging on your team in the lively sports bar, or would rather fancy a quieter meal with a fireplace nearby, the Walker House is always accommodating. Explore the extensive menu featuring Lakeshore region family-style cooking with preferences from Lake Huron White Fish to blackened perch and regular mussel specials.

culinary cuisine

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels.

With so many recommended restaurants in Southampton, it’s hard to pick just one. Be sure to supplement these to your listing:

  1. Armen’s, Southampton
  2. Duffy’s Fish & Chips, Southampton
  3. The Lighthouse, Southampton
  4. Outlaw BrewPub, Southampton
  5. The Forge & Thistle, Southampton
  6. The Elk & Finch Pub & Bistro, Southampton
  7. Highview Restaurant, Southampton

Experience the various spectacular appearance in Tobermory from Georgian Bay! The Bruce Anchor Motel was established within walking range of the Chi-Cheemaun.

It is a comfortable spot to linger overnight before mounting the ferry in the day! Anyone and everyone will appreciate the rather exceptional facilities of the lodge and cabins for a more extended stay in the delightful community.

Visiting Flowerpot Island is one of the most enjoyable experiences in Fathom Five National Marine Park! The reef is renowned for its authentic “flowerpot” rock pillars, rare plants, caves, and historic light station. If you are a traveler, Flowerpot Island is a must-visit place!

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