For The New Manufacturing Jobs Trump proposed, He Needs Immigration

US Economists See Trouble Ahead Because of The New Manufacturing Jobs Trump Proposed

new manufacturing jobs trump

Recently 25 million new manufacturing jobs Trump proposed in the United States does not tie in with his immigration policy. Top US economists have pointed out that if he wants to fill 25 million jobs, then he will have to hire workers from overseas to fill some of them, especially given that the baby boomer generation is now retiring.

The chief economist from Moody’s Analytics, Mark Zandi has gone so far to state that the new manufacturing jobs Trump proposed would have to double the current levels of immigration to fill the jobs vacated by the baby boomer generation. Currently, there are around one million immigrants a year who come legally to the USA, under Trump this will drop by thirty million by 2065.

He vowed to add 2.5 million jobs a year by cutting tax and public spending, deregulating certain businesses and cutting immigration in a bid to give jobs to American born workers. But this does not tie in with current employment trends where skilled workers have to be brought in from other countries due to a lack of a highly skilled labor force in the USA. With an aging population and fewer people going into further education particularly in the STEM subjects and in ICT, American companies have had to hire skilled and educated overseas workers to fill important positions otherwise they would go unfilled.  If Trump wins the presidency and implements his misguided reforms of the immigration system in a bid to retain votes then it will ultimately lead to a flat population and employment system, as there are declining birth rates as well as an increasing population of older people. This combined with a decline in the US-born highly skilled workforce could cause the American economy to stagnate rather than expand in line with global demand.

Now we have to see if the new manufacturing jobs Trump proposed are meant for a good reason or is it just to deceive people





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