Fraud in Gambling: Famous Stories About Ill-Minded Activities

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Icy Canada TeamJune 20, 2022
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Online casino concept, playing cards, dice chips and smartphone with copyspace. Banner template layout mockup for online casinos and gambling. Vector illustration.
Online casino concept, playing cards, dice chips and smartphone with copyspace. Banner template layout mockup for online casinos and gambling. Vector illustration. Source: Shutterstock

Top Gambling Scams in the World

It’s out of the question how long or where the scam took place — their history is probably as long as the background of the gambling market itself. That kind of data isn’t kept or compiled in the gaming sector to the full extent. Several establishments simply don’t post these details for security reasons. This misfortune for real money gaming houses is routinely copied by various groups and committed in regions of the globe where there are no fraud regulations or in establishments that would either not wish to or are not keen on investigating and disclosing such cases.

Sticking to the services of your favorite brand like lvbet casino will let you hedge your bets and avoid scamming risks. What is the other side of the coin? Stay tuned to find it out.

Greatest Scams That Actually Worked

In the online medium, the majority of players gamble fairly — they simply don’t find it necessary to proceed with tricky operations pursuing uncertain results. On the one hand, there is no guarantee the plan would work, especially when beginners try to take advantage of casinos in ways, which have become legendary typical yet failing in the market. On the other hand, the risk of being caught will spoil their having fun and making secure casino deposit with Paysafecard online.

However, problems do arise. The gambling market’s security is gaining momentum and continues to improve as a result of such devious schemes. Here are a few examples of successful illegal tactics:

  • A player wears a hidden portable computer that is configured to forecast where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Tracking its movement, speed, and proceeding with mathematical calculations combined provides gamers with a forty-percent advantage over the house.
  • In 2013, someone unidentified stole thirteen million dollars from a gaming facility by hacking into the venue’s own monitoring network. It was speculated that it was the consequence of insider fraud, but no evidence was discovered.
  • Dennis Nikrasch is frequently considered as the biggest scammer in the industry. Although his crimes were revealed, the man managed to earn around sixty million US dollars through the scam.
  • Hidden cellphones and cameras to check cards are the descendants of remote-control equipment. In 1973, a gang of a talented dealer and his fellows decided to place bets for pre controlled results — they knew where the ball would land. The scheme was flawless until the moment the casino’s holder, where the events took place, became suspicious of one member of the group. If you are interested, you can witness the story on your own — it is alive in the movie Tricheurs (subtitles will help you improve your French knowledge).

A lot of scams don’t have their heroes — people are just aware of the instruments.

Are All Casinos Rigged?

It would be incorrect to assert casinos are rigged institutions, regardless of whether payment service, software supplier, or other gambling characteristics are deemed as a key value of this or that institution. They provide entertainment to users, but their nature is that of a business. It would be a mistake, however, to suppose that visiting top Paysafecard online casinos is a mistake that simply results in frustration and blackmail. Virtual venues that accept Paysafecard compliment hassle-free deposits via this voucher network without overpaying and downtimes — the customers’ convenience is a priority.

Gambling establishments don’t strive to scam their audiences, despite how many ill-minded players might take advantage of their services. They have different approaches to cope with such issues, including blocking accounts and refusing withdrawals for owners of two profiles within the platform — the solution is tuned to the cause. If you are afraid of rikked casinos, than licensed and regulated companies won’t let you go wrong. They are usually compliant with the leading standards in the market in relation to information and financial security. Besides, such organizations undergo regular audits to ensure their credibility.

Especially lucky gamblers still can come across non-trusted platforms that are aimed at ripping their users off. As the following table outlines, such intentions are noticeable and can be recognized on time — punters just have to stay cautious and attentive, getting acquainted with the target casino’s interface, terms, and policies.


Offline CasinosOnline Casinos
When it comes to gambling in land-based organizations, it is commonly more complicated to catch those alarming red flags. One of them refers to situations when there are weird and occasional limitations on what sum and in what a way you are allowed to cash out at a casino.These institutions retain the authority to freeze gamblers’ accounts, as has been previously stated. The terms of this must, however, be clearly specified on the official page. If you don’t have access to this information and appear in a scenario like this without sufficient rationale or communication, the chances of someone trying to take advantage of you are fairly high.
The betting rules don’t change during rounds. If they do, such brick-and-mortar establishments shouldn’t be trusted.Don’t hesitate to double-check whether the certifications and licenses listed on the official page are really obtained by a target provider. With so many information on the internet, you can be simply mislead by an advertising guide from an unknown author.
When offline organizations don’t let you receive your winnings, you should switch your guide on. For instance, if the sum is mammoth, casinos might apologize about their inability to provide the whole amount and proceed with cashout after banking holiday days.It is reasonable to take into account real customers’ reviews. If the impression of the prospective gambling partner leaves much to be desired, it is better to step back and continue your searches for a trustworthy domain.
Land-based casinos have to be licensed too. The regulation might be approved at the local, state, or federal level. Underground locations put your bankroll at risk.You have trouble withdrawing money from the site on a regular basis. A similar problem can arise as a result of bad performance incentives and advertising initiatives. Lavish and luxury bonuses, for example, will be appealing only if the wagering conditions can be met within a specified time frame (such deals have a limited lifespan, and the information regarding when they will expire must be made public).
In such institutions, communication channels with players have to be well-established. It is suspicious when a gambler can’t get the desired information about betting limits or rule sets smoothly or upon multiple requests.On the internet, there are numerous expert testing agencies, which post their casinos’ reviews publicly. If you find out a brand if on the blacklist of such reputable organizations as eCogra, don’t let this shady operator ruin your gambling experiences.

Wrap It Up

For modern gamblers, it has become much simpler to search for and really find safe playing locations — online casinos accepting Paysafecard are a great sample. With the advancement in technologies, gaming establishments can also sigh with relief since at least some threats aren’t likely to ever happen in the future. But the process is ongoing.

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