Freelancing & Studies: Can They Be Combined?

Freelancing & Studies: Can They Be Combined? 1

The contemporary world is fast-changing. Every student knows that after graduation, they will face the challenge of zero experience. However, with the increasing popularity of remote jobs, many students manage to get this valuable experience.

They become demanded specialists in the market: fresh knowledge, a lot of energy and ambitions, as well as some practical skills. It is a good combination. So, if you would like to enjoy such benefits when looking for the first job, consider freelancing. We will provide you with several ideas for part-time jobs and some tips to successfully combine these two activities.

Remote Part-time Jobs for a Student

Of course, if you are eager to work, a job should not be remote. But freelancers do not need to commute every day. Thus, you will spend a considerable amount of time that can be used for another purpose, i.e., studies.

Before you write a CV, be ready that it can be complicated to combine education and work, and sometimes you will have to prioritize or sacrifice something. As a life-saving option, consider paytowriteessays services that often come in handy. Here are some job possibilities to choose from.

1.  Support Team

Almost any business needs a team of specialists who will provide support services to customers. Even though every company is looking for ways to optimize processes, support is a must in the 21st century. Clients want to feel appreciated and cared for. Thus, the niches are diverse. A laptop, headphones, Internet connections, and your readiness to learn the peculiarities of a business — that is all you need.

2.  Translations or Copywriting

If you know a foreign language, use your knowledge. Even though software and tools can translate texts, they have not replaced human translations. The demand is quite high.

If you do not know any foreign tongues, make use of the knowledge of your native language. Learning some basic rules of writing texts for web pages will help you start working as a freelance copywriter. There are a lot of projects that require such specialists regularly.

3.  Tutor


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If you are not sure about your knowledge of English or other languages, you specialize in major disciplines. You can work as a tutor in this subject. It is another remote opportunity to make money using the knowledge you already have. You can help high-school students get ready for tests or do home assignments.

How to Make This All Possible?

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours a day, and at least seven of them should be devoted to sleep. Thus, if you want to cope with freelancing and studies, here are some tips:


  • Create a schedule of literally everything and stick to it. To make sure that your planning will be efficient, it is even worth adding meals and breaks. As soon as you get used to this, you will understand the benefits.
  • Treat your studies as a priority. After all, high-quality education is more essential than some money that you will not earn.
  • Do physical exercises. They will help you overcome fatigue, stay fit and full of energy.
  • If you feel exhausted, take time out to have some rest. Otherwise, you risk screwing up both your work and results in college.

In Conclusion

If you set yourself to obtain additional skills and make some money during studies, there is nothing impossible. Believe in yourself, and you will achieve so much expected results in both spheres of your life.


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