Gambling Goes Online: Minimum Deposit and Bonuses

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Icy Canada TeamFebruary 3, 2021
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In 1994, online casinos were introduced for the first time, changing how we know gambling itself. 

Online casinos are virtual gambling spaces that you can access through your computer or smartphone as long as they are connected to the internet. Gamblers can play the traditional casino games on it, put bets, win and lose, almost like in a regular casino. 

It is like, instead of you going to the casino, the casino comes to you.

What’s a minimum deposit in a casino?

The first online casino was started by Microgaming in 1994, and since then the online gambling market has only grown. In 2020, the market size of online gambling stands at $59.6 billion.  

About 26% of the world population gambles online, and it has been seen that more and more women are entering the gambling scene. 

Online casinos have changed the gambling sector quite a lot and in many different ways, but a significant change it brought with it was the ‘minimum deposit system’. 

When you gamble online, you need to open an account with an online casino.  You have to deposit a certain amount of money in this account before you can start playing. When you put a wager of a particular amount, that amount is deducted from this deposit.

The minimum deposit of almost all online casinos is low, somewhere around $25. But you can find casinos where the minimum deposit is even lower than that, like as low as $15. Just search for a $10 deposit online casino to get started. 

Casino Bonuses

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Casino bonuses are integral to minimum deposit. These bonuses are offered by online casinos to draw customers. The 6 most common type of bonuses are as follows:

  • No Deposit Bonus

This is the bonus you get for simply registering in an online casino. No deposit is required from your side. The bonus is transferred to your casino account upon registering, and you can use it to wager on any game on the website.

  • Match Bonus

You receive a match bonus when you deposit in an online casino. The casino will match your deposit with a percentage, and that will determine your total deposit. 

Example- Suppose the match bonus percentage offered is 100%. You deposit $100 in your account. 100% of $100 is another $100. So after the bonus, you will have $200 to play with.

  • Free Money Bonus

A free money bonus is what you get irrespective of the amount you deposited. If the online casino offers free money bonus of $100 dollars, then you will have that amount added to your deposit. It doesn’t matter whether your deposit is $50 or $500.

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  • Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is an amount added to your deposit, but after your playthrough, you cannot withdraw that amount to your bank account. After you collect your win money, the sticky bonus is deducted and the rest can be transferred to your bank account.


  • Exclusive Bonus

Special bonuses available only in particular websites or at a particular time or at a particular occasion.

  • Loyalty Bonus

You can only receive this bonus after you have reached a certain status in an online casino. Needless to say that status can be reached only if you are frequent visitor to a casino, and you are an active gambler. 

Minimum deposit amount can make you think that you can never really win big in online casinos. But that is not true at all. A Finnish man won a whopping $24 million USD by investing just 25 cents, and there are many like him.

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