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Icy Canada TeamAugust 10, 2022
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Parc Guell, Barcelona - Spain
Park Guell in Barcelona. Park Guell was commissioned by Eusebi Güell and designed by Antonio Gaudí. Source: Depositphotos

Regarding tourism, Spain is the players’ preferred destination, and plenty of tourist spots attract people from across the world. At the same time, gambling has another separate fan base; Spain has the most attractive brick-and-mortar casinos, where the players enjoy visiting and experiencing gambling.

There is no denying the fact that Las Vegas stands at the top position in offering gambling services, but still, Spain currently has 40 land-based casinos, and there are many more on the developing list. So, let’s look around and see what Spain has for us!

Here is a list of the top casinos in Spain:

Casino Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona, there is no chance to ignore the Casino Barcelona, which creates a fun environment for the visitors. Filled with all the music and playfulness, entertainment, and excitement, you can also enjoy a delicious meal from the restaurant. Moreover, the casino prioritizes adding the latest slots and table game titles because of the variety of gaming options. Besides that, if you are interested in poker games, you can participate in the tournament hosted by the casino itself. Twenty different sports options are also available, including greyhound and horse racing.

Other than the fantastic services, it also depicts a fascinating Gaudi architectural design, and it is set amid the local culture richness complemented by the beauty of the beach.

Casino Gran Madrid Via

If your next destination is Madrid, then Casino Gran Cia is a worth visiting place that is the biggest in the country and each year it gets half a million visitors. It has separate rooms and private rooms for different gaming varieties. A Random Machine Room of Gran Via Casino is always up to date and contains the newest slot machines for visitors. Besides that, there is a separate roulette room where you can play French and American roulette. The American version of baccarat, known as Pinto Banca, is also available. Overall, there are 38 table games and 25 poker tables.

Casino Gran Brava

This online casino is located at the Spain border, and it’s near France, so it gets high French visitors. It is located in Lloret de Mar Town at Gran Hotel Monterrey. If you visit the place, you can easily get plenty of accommodation options and good restaurants. At Casino Gran Brava, a big room, ‘Sportium,’ is allotted for the big jackpot slot machines. While the table games options are also available, the players can try the electronic versions too. Apart from these, the casino extends to the auditorium poker room, VO+IP gaming room, and sportsbook.

Casino Marbella

Known to be a luxurious space to gamble and look around, Casino Marbella is located in Marbella and has plenty of gaming options. It is the best place to visit with friends because at Casino Marbella, and you can participate in Casino Adventures when you are with a company. For example, you can join in a unique Casino Challenge, Poker Experience, and Blackjack Battle. Well, this comes with a gourmet dinner you cannot enjoy without your friends. Moreover, more than 70 casino machines are available, and Blackjack and American roulette offer a splendid playing experience.

Bingo Billares

It is another land-based play established in Barcelona based on the Las Vegas style. This amazing entertaining place is the best place to try your luck with unlimited options. This casino has space for more than 900 people at a time, where they can busy themselves with up to 150 slot machines installed in the brightly decorated rooms. Moreover, a separate section for the betting and terrace is allotted for the smokers.

Casino de Mallorca

There is an adjacent island Palma de Mallorca, that is the site of attraction for many tourists. It is currently located at a commercial site, so locals and tourists highly visit it. It has a space for 1900 people at a time and offers a variety to stake on from slots and table games. Also, there is a small room that is allocated for the guests and is used for meetings.

Gran Casino del Sardinero

If you ever visit the beach side of Cantabria, do not forget to pay a visit to Gran Casino del Sardinero. The exciting thing is that this playing place is designed based on the architectural design and gives pieces of evidence from history. As soon as you enter the casino, you can see a machine park in front of you that consists of different machines, electronic roulettes, and jackpots. When you visit its sports betting area, you can bet on sports, including basketball, cycling, American football, and horse racing.

These top destinations can make your tour to Spain worth enjoying as you can find all the fun, excitement, food, sea, and beaches along with these destinations.

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