A low-angle shot of Calgary Tower among the high-rise buildings. A low-angle shot of Calgary Tower among the high-rise buildings.

Have One Of The Best Nights Out In Calgary

Are you ready to experience the best of Calgary’s nightlife? Well, buckle up because this vibrant city in Alberta, Canada, is not just about stunning landscapes and cowboy hats. The city offers a vibrant art scene, music venues for all, and a lot of history for the buffs among you. There’s even something special you can experience in Calgary– those unique casino thrills. Let’s explore the nightlife in Calgary.

Stephen Avenue Walk

Stephen Avenue Walk is the perfect place to start your evening stroll. You will find many pubs and bars here, along with some of Calgary’s most charming historic buildings and whimsical street art. Everything you need for a thrilling evening is right here, whether it’s a late-night dessert from a food truck or a drink at the energetic James Joyce Irish Pub.

Casinos: A Gamble of Fun

Calgary’s casinos offer a variety of gaming options in a fun, laid-back atmosphere, including all the latest slots games you could ever dream of. For example, Cowboys Casino is a fun western-themed pub and casino where you can wager and have a good time all at the same time. But of course, there’s an entire world to explore in the Calgary casino scene with gems such as Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, Pure Casino, Elbow River Casino, and many more.


You should definitely check out TELUS Spark if you have an interest in science and interactive experiences. After dark, this interactive science centre transforms into an adult amusement park, complete with robot technology lectures and interactive science experiments. Make sure you stop by the Infinity Dome planetarium for a planetarium performance and the centre’s bar for some themed cocktails.

The Arts Commons

The idea for the Arts Commons originated in the 1970s when the arts were in high demand in Calgary due to the city’s rapid expansion, yet the complex opened years later in 1985. The Arts Commons complex encompasses multiple venues, such as the Martha Cohen Theatre, Max Bell Theatre, Rozsa Centre, and Jack Singer Concert Hall. This longstanding gem hosts a wide variety of performances, from opera to jazz. Even the Queen performed there!

Ghostly Adventures

If you’re looking for an otherworldly experience, embark on a ghost tour around Calgary. These tours reveal the city’s hidden stories and legends. For example, The Deane House, built in 1906, is infamous for its ghostly apparitions and tragic past. Many tours also include the Devil’s Playground, shrouded in tragedy and mystery after the schoolhouse on the lot burned down in 1920. This is just a peek into the paranormal side of Calgary; you can explore on many ghost tours of the city.


For the nostalgic among you, Calgary’s speakeasies are a must-visit. Betty Lou’s Library, tucked away behind UNA Pizza on 17th Avenue, offers burlesque shows and password-only entry. The speakeasy is hidden behind a door disguised as a bookcase, and when you open it, you’re greeted with plush velvet booths, vintage decor, and a dimly lit atmosphere. If this is right up your alley, also make sure to check out Cannibale Bar & Barbershop, Untitled Champagne Lounge, and Shelter.


Calgary’s nightlife is diverse and vibrant – from thrilling ghost tours to the exhilarating rush of the casinos. So, get ready to write your own Calgary night story!

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