Canada’s Immigration Plan: All You Need To Know

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamJanuary 24, 2020
Updated 2023/08/17 at 9:16 AM

On November 1, 2017, Canada finally unveiled its 2018 Immigration Plan. Ahmed Hussein, Canadian Immigration Minister, announced the plan details in the House of Commons. Hussein is himself an immigrant refugee. According to the plan, Canada will admit around one million immigrants by 2020. Hussein specifically announced the targets Canada has set for economic migrants, refugees, and family reunifications.

Hussein called the Canada Immigration Plan as a historic and responsible plan. He said it is the most ambitious plan in recent history. The immigration minister raised a good point that around five million Canadians will retire by 2035. There are very few people who can replace them. There are also fewer people who can take care of the ones who retire.

He said Justin Trudeau’s government believes that bringing new people in the country will play a vital role in its development. In 1971, there were 6.6 people to look after every senior citizen. It reduced to 4.2 in 2012. It is predicted that in 2036, it will dip to only two people to look after one senior citizen.

100 percent population growth by immigrants

Canada currently has a 75 percent population growth by immigrants. Hussein wishes that soon there will be a 100 percent population growth by the entry of immigrants. He feels that immigrants bring new ideas and innovation. They strengthen the economy. He also rejected claims saying that immigrants are a burden on the government and bring down the wealth.

The Canadian government is currently working on speeding the process of the application so that welcoming migrants start soon. Canada is focusing on integration and that’s why wants to take the process slowly.

The government will ensure that immigrants get a good job and a proper place to live. They will help the immigrants succeed.

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