Top 10 Best Calgary Events

Top 10 Best Calgary Events 1

What is Calgary known for? What are the best of Calgary events? Read this article to find it out.

A city with numerous skyscrapers, Calgary is the fifth largest city of Canada. It has a population of approximately 1.1 million and is also ranked as one of the cleanest cities of the world by Forbes. Calgary also has more sunny days compared to any other Canadian city.

In the past decade, Calgary has evolved a lot from being a simple city of 700000 people to being a vibrant and modern city of 1.2 billion people. Apart from the growth of Calgary as a city, its population has seen a population rise to a great extent in the past 20 years.

Other than that, Calgary has some fabulous annual community and cultural events to offer. The events celebrate culture of all continents across the globe and are a real treat for the visitors. The Calgary events are a blend of music, dance, delicious cuisines, art displays and much more.

10 Best of Calgary Events

1. Calgary Stampede

Calgary events

An internationally recognised event of heritage and western culture, Calagary Stampede is one of those Calgary events where tourists from all over the world come together at one place, that is the Stampede Park.

The Stampede Park has been home to Calgary Stampede for more than 100 years. This is one of those Calgary events where people celebrate community spirit.

The stampede grounds undoubtedly provide an experience to cherish lifetime. The event is full of amazing attractions, artists performing arts,