18 Best Places to Visit in BC!

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18 Best Places to Visit in BC! 1

Are you planning to visit British Columbia? Then here are 18 Best Places to Visit in BC!

British Columbia needs no introduction as it is quite a popular tourist destination. This majestic beauty has everything on its land, from the pacific coastline, glaciers, mountains, lakes, bridges, national parks to adventure packed activities.

British Columbia is a stunning place for both city buffs and nature lovers and is also the 15th largest metropolitan city in Canada. The history and culture of British Columbia are vibrant enough to leave in awe; and there is diversity in people of Canada, and are known for their humble, sweet, and friendly nature.

Canada is very popular for its national parks, but wait! There are several other beautiful places to visit in BC, but we have picked 18 best sites for you! So, let’s begin with our exploration!

18 Best Places to Visit in BC!

places to visit in BC

1. Vancouver

Vancouver is the best place to begin your journey. Why? Because it is convenient to visit other places in BC from here. Vancouver is a beautiful city, and you can never get bored here.

The mountains and oceans are easily visible from almost every part of this city.

For those who like the city vibes, there are lots of large size markets, shopping centers, art galleries, cafes, etc. Within the range of a few miles, you can explore Vancouver’s lovely neighborhoods like Gas town, Chinatown, etc. You can rent a bike and explore the beautiful parks of the city as its diversity will never disappoint you.

2. Yoho National Park

Yoho means ‘awe and wonder’, Well, it does justice with its name. This is a small national park but has a bundle of surprises. Established in 1886 and spread in the area of 507 sq. Miles, this National Park is a must-visit place in BC.

Some highlights of Yoho National park include the fact that 28 mountain peaks stretch towards the sky with a height of 9800 feet. There are endless numbers of waterfalls. Among them, Takakkaw Falls is the second tallest, and Wapta Falls is the largest falls in Canada, and; one of the major attractions includes a 500,000-years-old fossil bed.