7 Reasons Why We Love Fort St. John

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Fort St. John

Fort St. John, the heart of the majestic Peace River country, is a young and energetic city with a dynamic population for more than 69 thousand people.

Fort St. John offers all the cold outdoor and indoor adventures you can imagine but not just that, there are many historic moments held in this place that many tourists don’t know. It is also fun to know about this cold, wild, majestic city, and even if you’re around Chilliwack, you should visit these places.

Why Fort St. John Is Known as the Energetic City?

Well, Few reasons why Fort St. John is an energetic city because most of the energy to run the town comes from natural resources like natural gas, hydroelectric plants, agriculture, and forestry, and also because of the incredible spirit and vitality of the citizens.

7 Reasons Why We Love Fort St. John And You Should Too

1. Fort St. John Specials:

1. The Alaska Highway:

One place people love while at the fort st. John is The Alaska Highway, which is also known as Alcan highway is the highway that connects Alaska, British Columbia, Fairbanks, and Dawson Creek through wilderness passage.

A little history about the Alaska highway: It was not constructed up till the bombing of pearl harbor; it was found necessary to build a passage for the military as a supply route to defend North America, So with a group from Dawson, the construction of the highway officially began in the year 1942; On October 25 after eight months it was completed.

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