9 Amazing Facts About Lake Louise You Must Know

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9 Amazing Facts About Lake Louise You Must Know 1

“HO-RUN-NUM-NAY GUYS! If you don’t know what means then, it’s beautiful because it’s one of the names of Lake Louise, it’s a beautiful lake in Alberta, Canada and one of the favorite winter holiday destination for many people around the world but there are many misconceptions about this stunning glacial lake which by the way is also described as a lake of the little fishes.

You might be planning your trip to Canada and lake Louise might be one of the places you might love to spend your holidays, but which time is the best to go there? Or what clothes should you pack? Well, answers to that question first, you must check their website and consult your tour guide, but still, there are magical facts about this place.

You can visit Lake Louise at any time of the year (mostly crowded at the of winter), but the question arises that is that it? Is it just a lake in Canada? And the answers are No, it is so much more than that, and in fact, there are so many queries and mysteries regarding this magnificent lake that people don’t know because the whole place is full of surprises.

9 Beautiful Facts About Lake Louise You Need to Know:

“Beautiful rooms, stunning bed, fantastic restaurant, and great staff.”

Picked from the thousand reviews shared by the visitors on their travel blogs about the lake, but is that it? Just a great hotel place? No, it so much more than that you even don’t know so, we decided to make a list based on real facts about the lake to answers all your questions and to tell what makes Lake Louise genuinely outstanding.

So, If you’re planning to visit the lake or even curious, then welcome aboard to the Train to lake Louise cause we are going to reveal mysteries and going to give answers to your questions about Lake Louise.

1. Lake Louise, Not Moraine Lake:

Okay! So, the most common mistake that I found on the internet that people and travelers make while planning to visit the place is that they get confused between Lake Louise with Moraine Lake because when you search an image for lake Louise, it shows the green-blue magnificent lake.

Still, you might overlook that, but the pond you are admiring might be Moraine lake, and if you’ve just realized you’ve looked at the wrong picture the don’t worry, and it’s pretty standard.

9 Amazing Facts About Lake Louise You Must Know 2


So is this just the image that lets people and travelers get confused between these two different lakes? And the answer is no because there are few factors behind people misinterpreted between these two lakes:

a) They both are blue-green colors, and they are probably more spectacular in real.

b) If you visit Mirain lake, then Lake Louise is just a 25-mins drive from you.

c) Beautiful mountains surround both the lakes.

#fact: In 1979 and 1969, the picture of the valley surrounds the lake was featured in 20 dollars Canadian note by a nickname.

2. Living With the Wild:

Lake Louise is not just a beautiful lake or just a right picnic spot but also the home to many wild animals. You can easily find some Bears, Moses, cougars, or might be some other mythical creature from another dimension and if see some wildlife crossing the roads, then don’t panic it very common there is 60 km highway just for the wild animals so that they can cross the road and accident like roadkill can be avoided. It’s like a place where wildlife and people can live side-by-side.

9 Amazing Facts About Lake Louise You Must Know 3


So, yes in lake Lousie, It is common to get encountered by a wild animal but no matter what people say but wildlife can be sometimes dangerous especially when it’s a spot for a beautiful lake, so there are kilometers of installed fencing for the protection from wildlife, and multiple corridors and a highway have been built above the Park Canada and for the roaming animal and their safe passage.

For the wildlife to adopt these new changes in their environment like tunnels and bridges, it took a while, but for more than ten years, the rate of accidents is reduced by 80%.

3. Lake Louise Is an All-time Cold Lake:

Whenever our minds come across with the word “lake” the first thing comes in our mind is a beautiful picnic spot, all warm weather, brilliant sun, and nature’s beautiful sound, and Lake Louise has all these expect lake Louise is always cold through the year so you might want pack some warm clothes.

Lake Louise Icy


But why lake Louise is cold throughout the year? Because of the continually melting glacier making the lake either freezing or frozen throughout the year and it’s not like Lake Louise is the only frozen lake you can find in the region, most of the lakes and river in that region are equally ice-cold as Lake Louise so what local do is just drive up to the Herbert Lake which is only a 10 min travel.

#fact about Lake Louise: On one side of the lake there is an old diving board, and there is a rumor that it belongs to the chateau’s swimming pool.

4. The Actual Center Lake Louise Town:

Most of the images of Lake Louise you see on the internet or the brothers, you find