Almonte Ontario: 15 Beautiful Reasons To Visit

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Almonte Ontario

Ever been to Canada? You might have heard about Almonte Ontario, the birthplace of the inventor who invented a game that involves throwing a ball into baskets nailed on the gym wall. Yes, it’s Dr. James Naismith, inventor of Basketball.

And not just that, it’s a 19th-century town surrounded by the Mississippi River in Canada, and it is just 40 mins drive from downtown Ottawa and has become a popular spot for movies in the years.

But, why visit this place? Well, you can spend your day here with your friends and family exploring all the restaurants, views, and shops, but that’s not all. I think what Almonte Ontario is truly about is the experience you can have by doing normal activities arranged by locals people, which is truly appealing. Moreover, there are some incredible things that you can only find in Almonte Ontario.

And if you have never been to Ontario, here is a quick guide for you.

15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Almonte Ontario:

On the main street,