Calgary Central Library: 25 Amazing Facts!

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Calgary Central Library

Book worms must have heard of the Calgary central library. If you haven’t, then you are missing the opportunity of witnessing the futuristic library of Calgary.

The city of Calgary houses the innovative Calgary Central Library. It is not one of those typical public libraries with an old building and dusty bookshelves. In Calgary, Alberta, this iconic building looks like a building that came from a sci-fi fiction movie.

For doubling up your amusement, know for now that there’s a light rail track that passes from below the Calgary central library; yes, that’s quite interesting. But that also gives birth to the thought that rail track within the library must create a disturbance, but for your surprise, that is not the case.

May you be a nerdy guy who loves roaming around in the public libraries or may you be a fan of fantastic architectural buildings, the Calgary central library is the place for you. But, apart from its unique and attractive appearance, there are lots of other facts that attract people towards this iconic library.

So for a better understanding of this human-made wonder, read the full article. Lets’ explore some amazing facts about the Calgary central library.

25 Amazing Facts about Calgary Central Library!

calgary central library

The Calgary Central Library, which looks like a 21st-century wonder today, but is not as new as it seems. This central library has a history that dates back to around 1908.

1. Established by the Prime Minister

The prime minister of Canada established the Calgary Central library before she knew it was going to be one. Established in 1908 by R.B Bennett as the board of trustees, the library came to be the first public library of Alberta and started functioning in the year 1912.

2. Its a replica of another library in Massachusetts

The building was built with the help of Andrew Carnegie, who was a known businessman and contributed a significant donation to the library. It is built out of striking Sandstone, which is found locally in the city. The main building was a replica of another library present in Massachusetts.

3. Calgary Central Library is just a branch of the library system prevalent since the 1960s.

This new Calgary Central Library is the flagship of the branch of the library system that existed here from the 1960s. In 2018, this previous branch was replaced with this futuristic library.

4. Planning started in 2004

The plan on bringing some changes and replacement of the existing old library started in 2004, after years of research on a suitable location and after rejecting three or four finer locations in Calgary; the land that was adjacent to the municipal building of Calgary was finalized in 2011.

5. The budget was $245 million

After the area finalization, the funding was collected from 3 different sources, and a budget of $245 million was allocated for its construction.

6. The design was finalized through a competition

In the year 2013, a design competition was organized in Calgary, and two companies won; one was Sn