Living in Montreal: The Montreal Quality of Life Guide

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Living in Montreal: The Montreal Quality of Life Guide 1

Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada – after Toronto – in the province of Quebec, is also its commercial capital. The most culturally distinct feature about Montreal is that its sole official language is French. It is used as a firsthand language for almost 73 per cent of the residents. In fact, it is the only French metropolitan in Canada and the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, that over the years, has grown up into an important center of commerce, art, culture, and architecture.

It is named after Mount Royal, the three-peaked hill situated in the northeast of the city district. The hill is visible from nearly anywhere in the city. This bustling, cosmopolitan city has derived itself in a blend of the feel of a European city and a typical North American city with its skyscrapers. So, how does it feel living in Montreal? How much do you need to live in Montreal? Let’s take a look.

Living in Montreal: The Climate

Montreal?s daily average temperature range is about 23-27 degrees Celsius. During hot summers, the temperature may even rise above 30 degrees. Winters, on the contrary, strikes with temperatures below -20 degrees and snow cover that lasts till late March. Springs are short and autumn.

Living in Montreal sure is fun, but how much do you need to spend a month? Here is a look at all the things you can do there, and what you will need to spend.

Life in Montreal: Festivals and Culture


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