The Top 15 Canadian Grocery Stores Including Chains

The Top 15 Canadian Grocery Stores Including Chains 1

Looking for nearby Canadian grocery stores but don’t know where to look? Wondering where you can get the food items you need?

Your kitchen requires these items for you to cook, to eat and to relax at home. You can miss a party with your friend but you cannot miss your grocery list that you need to shop for your home. Whether you stay alone or with family, your groceries are the must.

The Top 15 Canadian Grocery Stores Including Chains 2

You need to shop groceries based on your family heads and budget. Many people are still unaware of the grocery shops or chains in their locality.

When you first come to Canada you will find everything very new around you. You need a home, job to settle down. The groceries will be pricey because there are both expensive and affordable grocery stores for customers.

Canadian grocery stores

The Top 15 Canadian Grocery Stores

Wondering what are the top choices for you when it comes to a Canadian grocery store? We take a look at it below.

1. Loblaw Companies

Loblaw Companies Ltd.has No Frills, Real Canadian Superstores, and Loblaws under them. The company was founded in the year 1919, in Brampton, Ontario by Theodore Loblaw. They have an overall franchise of 1000 stores with 4700 of independent stores and 400associate stores. They sell mainly groceries and you will get clothing housewares and electronics for about 1/3 of the stores. It’s among the more popular Canadian grocery stores.

2. Metro

It is the largest chain with about stores that count up to 400 all through Quebec and Ontario. It has registered 140 stores that operate under the banner Marche Richelieu. In Quebec, Super C is the supermarket division of Metro that runs on a discount. In Ontario, the grocery stores that offer discount runs under the brand Food Basics.

3. Sobeys

Throughout the country, it has 1300 stores under different banners. It is in operation since 1990. With the aim of proper services from early 2000, the company has taken many initiatives. It includes a change in-store design, policies of customer service and the strategies of advertising.

4. Safeway

In North America, the grocery chain is in 3rd largest. It has almost 200 stores especially in Alberta and British Columbia. The current Safeway brands are Lucerne- daily line, Primo Taglio where you will get deli products and O Organics for organic foods.

It is a Western Canadian supermarket with 183 stores chain. In the year 1929, it was established and in the year 2013, it was sold to Sobey. But,