The Top Challenges New Gujarati Immigrants When They Come to Canada

The Top Challenges New Gujarati Immigrants When They Come to Canada 1

More than 21.9% of the entire population of Canada is foreign-born, which is anticipated to stretch out to 50% by 2031. And if you did not know this about Canada, let me give you great news, YOU DO NOT NEED a job lined up to immigrate.

If you see Indian History, Gujaratis have always been a ruler of their country, starting from the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi to present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. And, yes, how can we forget Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India is also a Gujarati.

The Top Challenges by Gujarati Immigrants When they Come to Canada

However, immigrating to a completely new country is a tough task and everything at first may turn into a vicious cycle. I carried out an extensive research on the woes Gujarati families face when they come to Canada. Here are some of them.

Language Barrier for New Gujrati Immigrants

“I know all those words, but that sentence makes no sense to me.” – Matt Groening

A different English accent leads to a problem of communication. Add to it the fact that Canada has two official languages – English and French. If you are living in Quebec, knowing French becomes more important.

To communicate with Canadians, you must know the Canadian slangs, eh! Canadians use a lot of words in their sentences which is considered a Canadian slang, they use words such as, “Eh!”,which basically means, “Don’t you think?”, “Canuck”, which means Canadian, “for sure”, means “definitely” and such other words. And the new Gujarati immigrants are not aware of Canadian slangs, hence they fave difficulty in communicating with other Canadians. Most of the time, companies refuse to hire immigrants because they have a different accent, there are a lot of classes which make you learn a proper Canadian accent.

Job Oriented Issues for New Gujarati Immigrants

While Canada does have some favorable immigration policies, most Canadian employers favor Canadian work experience. New Gujarati immigrants have to start slow, and work their way through, no matter what their experience is.

Gujarati immigrants problems


Although, there is adequate space for people willing to work but zero work experience could turn out as a big disadvantage in this country, having so many foreign-born people around. So, when do Gujaratis have an advantage?

  • If you are graduated from a University of United States of America, you are more likely to get hired, according to many immigrants.
  • If you are looking for work in an on-demand skill, where there is no local talent available.
  • When they are looking for survival jobs – which do still happen to be in plenty. The downside? They often pay minimum wage.

Weather Can Get Challenging for New Gujarati Immigrants

You wouldn’t feel any worry when you are in your house, at work or in commute. When you are walking down the road during winters though, it can get challenging. Canada is one of the coldest countries, yes, lowest temperature drop ever recorded was -63