The 5 Top Colleges In Vancouver, BC

The 5 Top Colleges In Vancouver, BC 1

Looking for the top colleges in Vancouver? Canada has been home to more than 2 lakh international students every year. Canada is one of the top most choice for international students seeking to study overseas.

Whether it be due to quality education or the multicultural society, Canada serves all that a student seeks for when studying abroad and hence has some of the top colleges. Vancouver in British Columbia is a hot spot in Canada for universities and often hosts many international students.

The Top Colleges In Vancouver, BC

Here is a list of some of the top colleges in Vancouver, BC you shouldn’t miss a chance at:

1. UBC

The 5 Top Colleges In Vancouver, BC 2


University Of British Columbia- UBC- ranks among the top 20 public universities worldwide and among the top three in Canada. For many years since its establishment in 1908, UBC has provided quality education. Be it Forestry, Agriculture, Engineering, Computer Science, Geography or Creative Writing, UBC has some of the best and diverse programs for the students- wanna go into humanities? business? engineering? education?

Name it and you’ll find a good program for it at UBC. UBC’s social work program is considered the best in the country and their med-school ranks amongst the country’s best. Let’s not forget that the great programs that this university offers are complemented with a beautiful campus- near the beaches and nature, serene and tranquil.

With an acceptance rate of 52.4%, UBC isn’t hard to get into for a dedicated student with those good grades and shining EC’s. Plus, it’s been ranked the 9th best in North America for its scientific impact.

And while we’re talking about UBC, I must mention that the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a notable alumnus of UBC. It’s surely among the top