The Top 17 Indian Grocery Stores in Canada

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Namaste! Indian grocery stores in Canada can be found in any corner of the country’s marketplace, which is growing bigger with people across the world handling grocery stores and chain markets here. You will find Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, and several other Asian businesses that are evolving with their grocery collections and services. Are you looking for top Indian grocery stores in Canada?

Have you run out of your daily groceries or maybe acquired a taste for Indian food? In any case, these Indian stores in Canada are going to happily serve you with authentic products and ingredients to give your food the Indian cultural touch.

We stop by random stores down the street to explore and buy Indian brand foods and exceptional delicacies. There are a large number of Indian-owned grocery businesses in Canada, making their way up by learning the tricks of the trade to divulge their well-established markets.

Naming a few Indian-owned stores in Canada that can connect with you in terms of tastes and unique Indian choices. Scroll down the page and see if the services they provide match your needs. Do look closely; if you are an Indian, some names might ring a bell.

Fine India Grocers

Location: 3040 Don Mills Road, North York.

Phone: 416-496-8887 / 905-455-2530

The Top 17 Indian Grocery Stores in Canada 1

If you are looking for a small store selling unique south Asian spices and delicacies from India, then this store is for you. Fine India Grocers keeps food and grocery supplies along with a few Indian and Pakistani style meals. You can purchase premium quality products of rice, noodles, and anything that you need in your kitchen. Instant powders for Idlis, pancakes, dosa, cookies, Dahi Wada, Gulabjamun, Rasmalai, and many other food items are always available here.


Location: 12855 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V3V 6V9, Vancouver.

Phone: 604-502-0005

The Top 17 Indian Grocery Stores in Canada 2

You can tell what this store must be selling. Well, you are right if you imagined fruits. Founded by an Indian businessman Mr. Tony Singh, this is one among the largest network of supermarkets across Canada, which aims at bringing the taste of home to the market. Here, you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices of the top quality at the best rates. Fruiticana stands out for stocking up fresh and quality fruits grown locally or from around the world.

Asian Food Centre

Location: 10 Westmore Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario.

Phone: 800-708-9232

The Top 17 Indian Grocery Stores in Canada 3

Fresh veggies and prepared food? You need to stop by this store. This store has a chain of markets in Canada selling frozen meat, fresh veggies, a variety of fruits. They are well stocked with Indian brand products, including snacks, masalas, chutneys, chips, pappads, rice, oil, flour, seeds, pulses, and dry fruits. They offer snacks and meals in their ready-to-eat services.

Taste of India Grocery Store

Location: 10411 NE 4th Plain Blvd, Ste 133, Vancouver.

Phone: 360-254-2000

The Top 17 Indian Grocery Stores in Canada 4

Taste of India is known for selling fresh veggies and especially those sold nowhere else. Cooking ingredients like masalas and chutneys are available here. You can have your takeaways of tasty Indian packaged food from this store. This place also keeps decent kitchenware that is made and styled in India.

Rao Food Market

Location: 665 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2C9, Canada

Phone: 604-568-7233

The Top 17 Indian Grocery Stores in Canada 5

Rao Food Market is an Asian spice shop which is run jointly by Afghani and Indian grocers. You will find a range of spices and cooking oils. The masala curry powders they sell should be on your list if you are visiting this shop. Combining the age-old dishes of east Asian countries, the store showcases a collection of Indian-Afghani recipes and food products.

Batala Supermarket