Tofino Surfing: 7 Awesome Things to Know!

Tofino Surfing: 7 Awesome Things to Know! 1

If you are in the coastal region of Canada, then Tofino surfing is something you all must try ! Let’s get you started with things you should know about Tofino surfing.

Tofino is located on Vancouver Island of the British Columbia province of Canada. The region is mainly famous for its coastal views, beaches, and water sports such as surfing.

Within a short time, Tofino surfing became a hub and most famous place in Canda. The popularity among surfers is something that can only be seen and felt here at the beach.

Tofino surfing areas are one of the most popular and recommended surfing beaches in Canada. This cold water surfing place has been mentioned in the list of Top 50 surfing locations in the world.

There must be something special about Tofino, let’s explore the reasons that make Tofino surfing a unique destination.

7 Things to Know about Tofino Surfing!

1. Brief History of Tofino surfing!

tofino surfing

The Tofino region of the Vancouver Islands was very sparsely populated during the early-mid 20th century. The locals were involved in fishing for carrying out their livelihoods. Then Surfing was introduced, and since then, it has been a popular sport of the 20th century, and in around the 1960s, the youth of Canada started showing an interest in this water sport.

The 1970s decade was a dull phase, but by the 80s decade, when the modern era started gaining popularity, the surfing sport started thrilling people. And in the late 1980s, a surfing competition was organized, which attracted lots of attention worldwide.

The Tofino region of Canada wasn’t known as a tourist destination, started attracting lots of surfers, and the tourism industry boosted within a few years. It is one of the most crowded places and popular tourist destinations in Canada. It also goes by the name of Surf Capital of Canada, which makes it a matter of pride for the country.

2. Best beaches for Tofino surfing!

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The coastal region of Tofino has a 35 km long coastline, which means there are plenty of beaches. This must put in the dilemma of making the right choice. But for your convenience, we have listed a few best beaches for surfing in Tofino.

  • Cox Bay

This beach area is the first preference of surfers and is also the largest in the area. There are reasons why Cox bay has become the most preferential area of all is because of the all-year availability of the waves of all sizes and temperaments.

This bay is divided into three sections, corner middle, and right. The middle section is the most crowded one. But the corner section is where the expert surfers are seen, as the currents are high and strong here.

  • Long beach

It can be said that the long beach is where the surfing culture began. The dramatic coastlines and waves of the ocean on this beach has attracted lots of young and energetic people in the initial years of Tofino surfing. The first surf school was opened here during the late 60s, and later because of Pacific Rim national park, the highway was constructed, which gave a boost to tourism in this untouched beauty.

The main center of this beach is called incinerator rock, the currents are wild here, and the recommended season is during summers.