Top 22 Interesting Canada Facts You Need to Know

Canada Facts

What are some of the most interesting Canada facts?

One of the wealthiest countries in the world that provide top-notch quality of life, Canada is also one of the most admired ones.

Although Canada is not all about people stuffing their faces with maple syrup and poutine, we cannot help but agree that those are indeed awesome! The Great White North has a lot of positive features that make it so lovable and one of the most livable places on our planet.

This place even has a lot of things to offer- be it nature or natural resources. Get to know all about Canada- its area, size, population, natural wonders, food, and every other Canada facts in just 10 minutes. So let’s get started.

Top 22 Interesting Canada facts

1. Size.

Size is one of the essential Canada facts. You think you might have an idea of how incredibly massive in size it is, but trust me, it is more than it seems. Spanning nearly 9.99 million square km, Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere (unbelievable, right?) Starting up Pelee Island, Ontario, it extends up to Alert, Nunavut. After Russia, it is the second-largest country in the entire world.

The size of its provinces is mention-worthy, too, as they are quite sizable. It has ten provinces, of which Quebec is the largest province. Want to know some comparisons of its size? You won’t believe it. Quebec is almost 2.7 times the entire size of the country of France and six times the size of the whole United Kingdom! The size of British Columbia is twice that of Japan.

But one of the interesting Canada facts is that this official figure only includes the land and the freshwater lakes of the country. It does not even add the immense seawater inside the country or the ocean territory around it. All these excluded land makes up almost another 1.8 million square km. It might even be the largest country if they included all those!

2. Canada-American border

Also, it’s a good thing that there isn’t any feud between Canadians and Americans as they share the world’s most extensive undefended border. It runs for 8,892 km across the country. The longest coastline of the world is also in Canada, which runs for a length of 202,080 km.

3. Highest tide

The Bay of Fundy, situated in New Brunswick, Canada, experiences the highest tides in the entire world.

4. The oh-so cold Canada fact!

Canadian capital Ottawa ranks just second in the list of coldest capitals of the world.

5. Largest non-polar ice fields

St. Elias Mountain of Yukon territory boasts of the world’s largest nonpolar ice fields.

6. Longest highway

Trans-Canada highway of 7,604 km is the longest highway in the world.

7. Biggest bay

Hudson Bay is the biggest bay in Canada.

8. Time zones

There are a total of six time zones present in Canada.

9. The natural wonders of Canada

People who don’t live in Canada comment on its beauty from outside. But the residents know how genuinely gorgeous it is. Canada has nature’s blessings when it comes to scenic beauty and landscape. It indeed hit the jackpot in this field!Canada facts

10. Canada facts- Freshwater lakes

One of the significant Canada facts is that it has more than 20% of the entire earth’s freshwater supply. If this statistic is hard for you to interpret, let me explain in a simple sentence. The country is home to more than 2 million lakes. There are more freshwater lakes in Canada than in the rest of the world combined.

The lakes make up for almost 9% of total Canada’s area. Canadians are lucky that their government realizes the value of their natural beauty and the fact that they need to protect it.

11. Canada facts- Natural parks

One of the unknown Canada facts is that some natural parks within the country are indeed more significant than several countries in the world.

The Wood Buffalo National Park situated between Alberta and the north-west territories is almost 44,800 square km. Apart from being the second-largest national park in the world, this place is larger than all of the Netherlands or Switzerland!Canada facts

12. Forests of Canada

Forests cover most of Canada. Canada is home to more than 180 species of different trees. It falls third in the list of most forested countries in the world. Export of Timber is quite famous here too. One-tenth of the entire world’s forest is present here in Canada.

13. Food of Canada

When most of you think about the culinary delicacies of Canada, the first thing that comes to your mind is maple syrup and poutine (fries covered with cheese curds and gravy). Perhaps you are right! But one of the incredible Canada facts that you might not be aware of is that the country is the access to many essential food ingredients of the world.

13.1. Mapel syrup

Let’s start this point with maple syrup. What would have been the fate of all those pancakes and waffles if there wasn’t any maple syrup to eat them with? If you have a bottle of this deliciousness in your home, you have Canada to thank for! The world gets more than 80% of its maple syrup supply from Canada. The province of Quebec produces the largest amount of maple syrup in the country.Canada facts

13.2. Lentils

The country is also one of the biggest suppliers of lentils in the world- one of the Canada facts which is unknown to many. Nearly 80% of the planet’s green lentils are grown in the cold climate and rich, fertile soils of Saskatchewan.

13.3. Wheat

The growing conditions in Canada are so incredible that it is also the world’s sixth-largest wheat supplier. Wheat has become one of the biggest exports for the country in the past few years.

14. Canadian inventions