The 6 Top Cities to Live in Canada

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Top cities to live in Canada

Are you searching for top cities to live in Canada? This article serves your query.

Canada is a beautiful country with a unique lifestyle. It falls in the northern part of America. It’s the world’s second-largest country that spreads over 9.98 million hectares. To visit Canada, it comes under the wishlist of many.

The country offers majestic mountain views, national parks, and a unique pattern of living. Nightlife in Toronto city is trendy, and you need to stay here to experience it. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Several people plan to settle in Canada rather than in the UK.

Wandering about top cities to live in Canada? Canada holds some of it’s best cities like Vancouver and Toronto. These are popular cities to settle down. Except for these, there are many others too.

Living in Canada means your lifestyle is changed. Canadian’s ruling system and their people are different from other countries. The best cities below also are the ones that provide a suitable job location. Of course, you’d wish to live and work both.

Let’s check the top cities to live in Canada. And you can choose your stay.

Top Cities to Live in Canada

1. Vancouver

Top cities to live in Canada

Vancouver is among the top cities to live in Canada. It’s a famous city located in Western Canada. And a region of British Columbia. Greater Vancouver serves as the third-largest metropolitan area that holds a huge population. You may wish to settle here. It’s the fifth most city under a dense population. Once in Canada, almost everyone settles down in Vancouver.

Vancouver offers a unique quality of life. It’s in the first position under the world’s most well-lived cities. Tourists are mainly attracted due to its culture and nature. Splendid mountains and Pacific oceans surround this city. An ideal place to try out adventurous activities like skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and whale watching.

Vancouver provides high-quality education, healthcare, and the environment. It provides a multicultural experience. Living here, you can explore Canada’s culture. Half of the population here speaks a different language and not English.

This city has a diverse culture. And doesn’t interferes in other’s matters. It’s easy to settle down here. Remember, recreational drugs are legal in Canada. It also holds the largest LGBTQ community. Due to its strong economy, it provides an elastic work life. Numerous people apply for jobs in Canada. You can explore its jobs, such as personal services, forestry, technology, and finance.

Cost of Living

Vancouver is Canada’s most expensive city. The average cost for a living can require 40,000 CAD per year. An apartment can cost you 3000 CAD per month. A single house is quite expensive. Monthly transport pass costs around 95 CAD. Taxi ride charges 34 CAD an hour. Keep an estimated 320 CAD for household and groceries. Restaurant food requires tips. And a pint of beer costs 4 CAD.

2. Toronto

Top cities to live in Canada

The provincial capital of Ontario is Toronto. The most densely populated city. It ranks fourth among the most populated cities in North America. This city surrounds the western side of Lake Ontario. Toronto serves as the international center for business, arts, finance, and culture. Due to this, it’s the world’s most multicultural and cosmopolitan city.

It’s located over a plateau surrounded by rivers, ravines, and urban forest. Toronto is considered an essential destination for Canadian immigrants. Music, motion picture production, theaters, and television production is prominent since Canada’s broadcast networks, and media outlets are headquartered here.

The city is filled with skyscrapers and high buildings. And it attracts over 45 million tourists every year. A brilliant sight for tourists and locals. One can settle here to experience the metropolitan culture.

It’s also home to the Toronto Stock Exchange that holds the five largest banks in Canada. And even large Canadian multinational corporations. Its strong economy provides high-quality financial services, sciences, fashion, arts, environment, food services, and tourism.

It’s a multicultural, tolerant town with a diversified background. It consists mostly of international people. Since many were born outside Canada, Toronto is home to 230 nationalities.

Toronto serves great Canadian delicacies. This city mostly focuses on businesses, conscientiousness, social progression, and plural metropolitan. Several cultural activities, sports events, and festivals occur throughout the year. The city spreads for 630.2 square km, with a population of 2.93 million. Thus, Canada’s largest city within the province of Ontario. And the second city under top cities to live in Canada.

It offers various job opportunities in the fields of finance, film, biotechnology, business, media, IT, and engineering.

Cost of Living

Toronto is another expensive city in Canada. For a living, it can cost you an average of 45,000 CAD. Monthly rent for one-bedroom is 2,300 CAD. Save an average of 777,000 CAD to buy a whole house.

Transportation pass costs 147 CAD per month. The taxi ride costs 31 CAD an hour. If you want to admit your child to an international school, then save 2000 CAD monthly for tuition fees.

3. Calgary

Top cities to live in Canada

The third city under top cities to live in Canada. Calgary city is situated in the western Canada province of Alberta. It’s located at the joining of Bow River and Elbow River in the southern province. With a population of 1,285,711, it’s