10 Astonishing Facts About the Wood Buffalo National Park


The Wood Buffalo National Park traverses 44,741 sq km and is Canada’s most magnificent National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site also includes the last remaining original nesting site of the Whooping Crane. The Peace-Athabasca Delta lies underneath numerous major migration flyway zones and presents one of the most intense nesting habitats for Geese and Ducks on the planet.

We observe the world’s largest wood Wisent population here, foraging within the boreal meadow, maintaining an observant eye for the regional group of wolves, the most populous canid subspecies in the world. Moose stock in the Muskeg, Black Bears, sneaks spruce forests, and Beavers Dam innumerable streams and rivers.

Wood Buffalo National Park

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If you want to get the hang of the Wood Buffalo National Park or keen to know a few startling facts, read ahead!


10 Surprising Facts About The Wood Buffalo National Park

1. It Has The World’s Largest Beaver Dam

Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada, where everything is done on a magnificent range. As the gorgeous park in Canada’s system of National Parks and the 2nd most significant shielded area in the world, at 44,741 square kilometers, it prefers to create big.