Hillary Clinton to Launch Visa For STEM Grads

Hillary Clinton to Launch Visa For STEM Grads 1

US Visa Changes to Boost Economy

The Democrat Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton to launch visa with Green Card for people with a Masters or Ph.D. in STEM subjects.

She wants to encourage young people to become entrepreneurial in a bid to boost the US economy. Other steps towards this are deferring student loan payments for three years and giving every student in the country access to computer science education before they graduate.

Hillary Clinton to launch visa

Hillary Clinton to launch visa for Advanced Education Grads

And for foreign students who study advanced courses in STEM subjects, upon graduation, they will be given a Green Card to encourage them to stay and work in the United States. Currently, the bulk of STEM students from overseas are Indian, with over 100,000 studying at American universities, so this move is a real boost to Indian students wanting to start a new life working in the USA.

The startup visas will allow immigrant entrepreneurs who have financial backing from American investors to create their own tech companies, which will, in turn, bring jobs and wealth to the American economy. Hillary Clinton to launch visa, discussed creating a 25 billion dollar Infrastructure Bank that will give out grants to states and cities to ensure that everyone has high-speed wireless connections, including 5G and other next-generation systems in a bid to make the USA a world leader in technology.

Her ideas are in marked contrast to those of the Republicans who have been trying to get votes on the back of scaremongering about immigrants taking away jobs from Americans. This flies in the face of evidence that shows that there are more jobs than people qualified to do them in America, hence the need for highly skilled individuals from overseas.

And evidence also shows that with immigration, you also get job creation, which boosts the local and national economy. Hillary Clinton to launch visa for advanced education grads has already taken steps.



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