Holiday Hacks You Should Keep in Mind

Holiday Hacks You Should Keep in Mind 1

The Christmas holidays are an exciting time in Tennessee where friends and family reunite. People enjoy slow time away together, away from work and the usual mundane concerns of life. 

But there are also obligations to meet and complications to navigate. Keep these holiday hacks in mind, and your vacation will be smoother and more pleasant. 

Drive Yourself to the Airport

Planes are taking to the skies again, with passengers flying for non-essential reasons. The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has made travel safe in many regions. If local medical experts have said travel is safe where you live, follow all their recommendations and those of airport personnel, too. 

While many things have changed about flying, some of the differences are positive. For example, airport parking rates in Calgary now cost a fraction of what they used to. Just book a parking spot online before your trip and show the reservation to the attendant upon arrival.

Next, board the free shuttle to your terminal. You can park at a hotel adjacent to the airport even if you don’t have a room booked overnight. This model makes the commute to and from the airport much cheaper, and lets travelers enjoy the freedom and familiarity of their own vehicle.

Buy Presents Early

If you’re doing a holiday gift exchange, make sure to get your presents earlier than you might normally. Supply lines may still be clogged, depending on what you’re looking to buy and the store that sells it.

If you’re buying something large for someone you’re flying to, it may be smarter to have it shipped to that city to avoid needing to haul it on the plane or pay to check-in luggage. Just be sure to plan for a way to gift wrap it discreetly, so you don’t give someone a present in a shipping box.

The holidays don’t need to be too materialistic, but you don’t want to show up somewhere empty-handed either.

Don’t Consume Too Much

The holidays can be a great time to feast on home-cooking or enjoy the culinary treasures of Nashville’s restaurants, but don’t overeat or drink too much. You want to feel energized around friends and family, not lethargic or unwell. 

If you’re an adult who isn’t driving, feel free to have a drink or two, but don’t get too inebriated. Know when you’ve had enough, whether it’s turkey and gravy or a Christmas cocktail.

Plan a Fun Activity

Some group gatherings have a strong dynamic all their own where conversation rolls along naturally. Others could use a boost. Everyone can use a game!

Partaking in a planned activity such as charades can create big laughs. Games like Trivial Pursuit often launch fun and exciting conversations. If your group can use a boost of energy or structure, bring a suitable activity.

We look forward to the holidays all year. Work slows down, schools take a major pause, and groups spend quality time together. Keep these hacks in mind to help you have an enjoyable holidays season and a happy new year. 

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