Hong Kong Stops Entry Free Visa: Visa Issues in Hong Kong for Indians

Hong Kong Stops Entry Free Visa: Visa Issues in Hong Kong for Indians 1

Visa issues In Hong Kong for Indians  visa issues in hong kong

 Visa issues in Hong Kong have been plaguing Indians, and as of now, they have to complete a pre-arrival registration from January. Now onwards, the Indian nationals have to apply and successfully complete the registration of their pre-arrival before they can visit or even transit the HKSAR visa-free.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that the registration of pre-arrival is not required for those Indian nationals that are in direct transit by air and are not leaving the airport transit area.  Visa issues in Hong Kong, it goes without saying, are in fact a major setback for many millions of Indians who are known to visit the former British colony for business, trade as well as holidays.

Visa issues in Hong Kong are also a reason for concern because this might be a move by Hong Kong brought about by pressure from China. However, it has been warned that the Indian visitors shouldn’t try to use false data so as to enhance their chance of entering the country to seek economic asylum as there will be legal consequences.

India has been picked as a testing point as it is one of the major countries, but visa issues in Hong Kong will extend to the other countries too.

The Indian officials have said Hong Kong had become an attractive destination for asylum seekers as it is known to offer free food and stay facilities unless and until the asylum requests are processed.

Even though India has proposed to take back Indians, Hong Kong went ahead by stopping issuing visa. However, it needs to be mentioned that it is unfair to even the own interests of Hong Kong to deny a visa to half a million Indians with legal papers and permit every year by pointing to a few hundred asylum seekers.

But those who want to take advantage of the liberal asylum-seeking process, they could still enter it by complying with the new registration system.

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