How a Foreign Student Can Get a Visa to Canada

Canadian student life

Studying in Canada as an international student is becoming challenging this year due to a pandemic situation that lingers for quite a long time. However, young people try hard and use all the attempts to apply to Canadian universities and colleges to get a qualification abroad. Canada takes leading positions with its better colleges and educational system as a whole.

Foreign students who come to the country enjoy a high standard of living and the quality of life in Canada. It makes a lot of people strive hard to get a visa and apply to any of its colleges or universities that will enable them to experience a good life and better learning.

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Getting a Student Visa to Canada – Step by Step Instruction

Suppose you don’t want to use essaypro for assistance but decided to change your college and apply to a Canadian educational institution. You will need to get a student visa to pursue your goal and move to one of the greatest places, which will offer you a lot for both your personal growth and emotional contentment. As a student, you can visit the four best student cities in the world. Whatever program you choose, agriculture, military, art, or health science, you can get a qualified education that will enable you to build a great career in any country. And don’t panic if you don’t catch up with your classes. Using scamfighter will help you pick out a service to deal with your paper. 

If you consider any of the options above, you can go to the most important part that will enable you to fulfil your plans, which is applying for a visa. Here are the main steps you should follow to get a student visa to Canada successfully. 

  1. Get an acceptance letter from the university

This procedure is the foremost in the whole process. Without an acceptance letter, it will be impossible to register for a student visa. Only after being accepted into one of the Canadian colleges or universities you have the right to require the visa for your further studying. 


2. Official Canadian study permit tool

These are the main resources that can inform you whether you need a study visa or a permit. Contact the office and try to find out what procedures you should undergo to receive a particular document. There are cases when you don’t need a study visa. If you are going to take part in programs that last less than six months, for example, or you are a member of foreign armed forces. Many other points you can find in the official Canadian study permit tool will enable you to enroll in any educational institution without a visa.


3. Study permit

You can go to the next step of the procedure right after you get an acceptance letter from the university. In order to obtain a visa, you should apply online on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website before you arrive in the country. Then, submit documents online. If you don’t have such a possibility, you can send them by post. Sending them by regular mail doesn’t guarantee that the documents will come safely. Thus, there are trackable methods of shipping, such as FedEx or Ups. Don’t forget about the acceptance letter, which you should attach to your documents. In addition, provide proof of financial resources to support your studies and proof of no criminal record. And finally, submit clinical records to show that you are in good health. 


Keep in mind that the study permit expires ninety days after your studies are finished. You can use this extra time of your stay to apply for a work permit. It will allow you to stay in Canada longer and find a suitable job. Moreover, self-employment is also possible. 

4. Required documents for the student visa in Canada

You have to make sure to collect a certain list of documents when applying for a student visa. Start with the filled-in student permit application form with the acceptance letter from the university you enroll in. A travel document or a passport is highly required unless you are a citizen of the USA. Prepare two passport-size photographs with your personal information on the back. The financial support must be between 10,000 and 11,000 CAD per year if you want to stay in the country. Include a letter of intent. English and French translations of your documents are necessary. Make sure you have a certified copy of the documents with you. And finally, provide proof that you paid for your study. 

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