How Can You Choose The Right Canada Immigration Consultant?

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Migrating to a foreign country is not an easy decision to make, but it’s the biggest choice that substantially impacts your whole life. However, choosing a reliable and legal immigration consultant can help you a lot in getting this step successfully. Without an authorized consultant, representing your immigration case and acquiring a visa could become a nightmare.

Nevertheless, if you seek a job or student visas, you will see Canada as one of the top names. The country gets millions of immigrations cases each year from several peoples all across the globe. People prefer moving to Canada because of various factors such as the best peaceful life, powerful economy, and predominantly lenient immigration.

Five Crucial Steps to Consider the Best Canada Immigration Consultant

If you are looking for the best immigration consultant Edmonton to apply for a student visa, business visa, or work permit, you have stepped into the right site. You need to consider numerous elements in order to pick the most reliable representative for your case.

Check Out ICCRC Membership

This is the crucial and most significant step to take while searching for an immigration consultant. You should determine that your immigration application is registered by RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). Since the Canadian government has developed a regulatory organization in order to keep their customers protected who get RCIC services. This firm is known as the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). It manages the immigration consultants who provide Canadian immigration services to different clients outside the country. Other than that, the RCIC has the authority to represent your case to the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) that further verifies the transparency of your case during the immigration application. Consequently, no third party gets involved in your case during the immigration process.

Get to Know about their Experience

Then comes their experience, which matters a lot and should never be overlooked. Before choosing your Canadian consultant, you should get information about how many years of experience they hold and ensure that your case is in good hands. Suppose, if you hand over your immigration case to an unskilled consultant, he is more likely to make mistakes in your case because of a lack of knowledge. However, an expert consultant is able to handle your case flawlessly and professionally. An experienced representative boosts the worth of your immigration case and the chances of approval increase. Therefore, considering the skills and experience of an immigration consultant is crucial before handing over your case. 

Become Aware of their Proficiency

Furthermore, determine the expertise of your consultant before making the final decision. Selecting an ideal immigration consultant should also count on the level of knowledge they offer. You can get this by considering that every consultant is not aware of the efficient immigration laws, so they might provide you with some wrong piece of information. Yet, the right Canada immigration consultant assures you to take you through the right route and represent your case to the right immigration laws. They provide you with precise and relevant information and develop your trust to rely on them. Additionally, they assist you with your next steps, such as what should be done next and what should be not, in order to keep you straight. They also guide you about which documents are required to submit along with the application.

Identify Are They Worthwhile

The immigration market is overcrowded with Canada immigration consultants who claim to be the expert and promote themselves to be the best in the market. But, they fail to provide you with the required information, crucial case documents, and other realistic services when it comes to the end results. In short, they are found to be a scam. On the other hand, when you hand over your case to a genuine consultant, they assure you about their genuineness and expertise. But finding a reliable and honest immigration consultant is like a drop in the ocean.

Understand their Fee Structure

Another essential factor is the clarity of fee structure that must be pondered while selecting a reliable consultant. If your representative does not offer you a straightforward fee structure at the beginning of the case and asks for additional charges frequently, it means they are not reliable. In this case, it is better to seek another consultant instead of letting yourself be robbed. A worthy consultant always depicts a transparent fee structure of each step so that you make a roadmap and develop trust in him.

How to Protect Yourself from Scam?

When you step out to find a Canada immigration consultant, you will discover visa consultancy offices on every second street, and most of them are fraud. Below are some tips to follow to make yourself secure from any kind of scam.

  • Be cautious of the consultant who encourages you to provide any sort of false information or fake document in the case. Doing this is against the law, and your application could be rejected.
  • Do not get flattered by anything that sounds excessively good. While applying for an immigration case, you have to encounter various hurdles. If your consultant guarantees the easy approval of your case, you should be alert.
  • You should never sign any blank form or document unless you read and understand them. If you could not understand the language, make it translated.
  • Make sure your advisor provides you with your application updates often.
  • Protect your money and be aware of the advisor who surprisingly asks for an additional fee for the sake of any document. Also, make sure to get a fee receipt.

Bottom Line

Working with a reliable Canada immigration consultant not only helps you obtain a Canadian visa, but they save your effort, time, and money as well. Once you know that you have found a consultant who is an ICCRC member, holds years of experience and is an expert in his profession, don’t think anything and apply for your Canada immigration case because finding such consultants is a tough row hoe.

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