How Can You  Select The Right UFO High Bay Light?

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Icy Canada TeamApril 7, 2022
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With years of revolution, innovation, and high-tech implementations, high bay LED shop lights have emerged. These are specifically designed for high ceilings, which are around 45 feet. These LED UFO lights disperse correctly in a large space offering high light intensity and proper display.

However, with the number of available options in the market, how can you select the right LED warehouse lighting?

In this LED UFO lights guide, we have explained everything you need to know about high bay LED shop lights. Keep reading to explore more. 

What Are LED UFO Lights?

A high bay LED shop light is an installation that is created for ceilings taller than or in between 20-45 feet large. The high bay LED lights are created in the shape of a disc or round LED lights. Therefore, UFO high bay lights are round LEDs for showrooms with a higher ceiling.

These lights are preferred over normal LEDs or another shape of high bay lights because of the wider dispersion area.

LED UFO Lights

Tips To Buy The Right UFO High Bay Light

Depending on the ceiling height of your shop, space, and other factors, finding the right UFO high bay light for your showroom is a daunting process. You need to consider the efficiency and cost-effectiveness along with powerful illumination and long life. 

To help you make the right choice, we have given several tips to select factory lights: 

Ceiling Height

An important factor to consider for UFO high bay lights is the height of your ceiling. In order to make a purchase, you need to ensure that your ceiling is high enough. Therefore, measure and verify that your store’s ceiling is above 16 feet. If it is less than that, then you can buy low bay lights in place of high bay LED shop lights. 


After measuring your ceiling, you may know if you need to purchase high bay LED shop lights or not. If you do, then you need to look at the fixtures. If you get normal fixtures in place of LED high bay light fixtures, then that may not work out well. LED fixtures for high bay lights have required specifications, such as reflectors for downlight cases, high lumen output, etc.

Lumen Output

The measure of fixture brightness is lumen output. It is important in high light fixtures because, with a high lumen, you get brighter illumination. It is obvious that with high fixtures, you require more lumen so that your space is properly illuminated and the light is reaching the floor. 


Earlier we only had a few options for high bay LED shop lights. But, now we have options for recessed dome LED lights, recessed troffers, explosion-proof lights, etc. Depending on the space in your store, you can select the right LED UFO lights.

LED Lights

The best types of UFO high bay lights are LED lights. There are so many reasons to choose these UFO high bay light fixtures. This includes power efficiency, cost-effectiveness, options, etc. Below we have discussed in detail why you should get high bay LED shop lights in place of other types. 

High Bay LED UFO Lights

Why Use LED Warehouse Lighting?

For multiple years now, industries and businesses have used UFO high bay lights for higher ceilings. 240W high bay lights have improved the lighting solutions, check how:

Image Name: led-ufo-light-2.jpg

Image Alt: High Bay LED UFO Lights

Lower Costs

Did you know that LED warehouse lighting has 50,000 hours of lifespan, which is four times more than other counterparts. When you purchase LED warehouse lights, you have to pay less over years. 

Further, the time spent in changing UFO high bay lights is just too much; think of the hydraulics, scaffolding, etc. You have to go through this lesser times with high bay LED shop lights. 

Energy Efficiency

The biggest driving factor for using high bay LED shop lights is the efficiency of the LED. Ideally, LED UFO lights lose around 5% of energy, which consumes very little electricity. 

Additionally, if you use conventional warehouse solutions, you get omnidirectional illumination which can end up wasting output light in directions we don’t need. LED UFO lights provide direct distribution. 

Overall, LED warehouse lighting is more energy-efficient.  


LED UFO lights exhibit better quality than conventional lights. There are a few factors used to understand the quality of the LED UFO lights. This includes correlated color temperatures, color rendering index, and foot candle. In all these markers, LED UFO lights are better than conventional warehouse lights. 

If you look at it, then LED UFO lights also illuminate almost immediately. Conventional lights need more than 30 minutes for this action. 


Lastly, LED warehouse lighting is more appealing and feasible for your business. These are usually required décor item and make your space looks neat and luxurious. 

In every way, LED UFO lights make your business brighter, bigger, and better. 

LED UFO High Bay Lights

Benefits of Lepro High Bay LED Shop Lights 

LED UFO lights reliable and satisfying experience. You can purchase from a range of 100 W high bay lights for higher ceilings depending on your requirements. 

Image Name: led-ufo-light-3.jpg

Image Alt: LED UFO High Bay Lights

Why you should consider purchasing Lepro LED warehouse lighting

  • These are high-quality UFO high bay lights that come with 5 years of warranty. If you face issues that are covered under the warranty, you can connect with the provider for quick resolutions.
  • The pricing model for Lepro lights is affordable. These are high-quality products sold at optimum pricing. 
  • Since Lepro high bay LED shop lights are DLC certified, your local utility provider may be able to offer rebates.
  • These LED UFO lights are equipped with Philips Lumileds LEDs.
  • On orders, you can expect free shipping, which makes Lepro UFO high bay lights an extremely affordable product.


High bay LED shop lights are the perfect solution for higher ceiling warehouses, shops, and other businesses. Use the above tips, find the right type of LED UFO lights for your store, and make a purchase. 

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