How Charter Flights Make Travel More Enjoyable

How Charter Flights Make Travel More Enjoyable 1

If you have a trip coming up, it’s worth looking into flying by an NYC jet charter rather than booking a seat on a commercial flight. This approach to travel offers perks that you’ll never enjoy with one of the major airlines. From the beginning, things will be different. Here are some ways that a charter service will make the trip more enjoyable even before you take off. 


Planning Your Travel Schedule


One of the first differences you’ll notice is that a charter service does not limit you to previously scheduled flights. It may be possible to share the flight cost with someone who has already booked a flight on the date and time you have in mind. If not, it’s easy enough to set up a flight schedule that fits your needs. 


This won’t happen with a commercial flight. You take what you can get, or you fly standby and hope for the best. Either way, you’re at the mercy of the airline. With a charter service, they’re more interested in what you want. 


No Waiting at the Airport


You know the drill with commercial flights. Show up hours before the flight so you can check-in, get to the gate, and wait until the boarding begins. That can mean you’re already exhausted before the flight takes off. It can also be stressful if you have to wait in line for a long time to check-in.


With charter flights, you proceed directly to the jet, check-in with ease, and settle into your seat. That’s where you get to wait until the pilot receives clearance and you take off. There’s no need to show up hours in advance or spend time waiting at a gate. What could be easier?


More Comfort During the Flight

How Charter Flights Make Travel More Enjoyable 2

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When you rent your Airbus for the charter flight, one of the benefits has to do with the seating. Simply put, the seats are a little larger and provide more room. They’re also spaced so that there’s more leg and headroom to enjoy. Think of what that means in terms of being comfortable for the duration of your flight. 


Compare that to taking a commercial flight where you live in hear of the person in the seat in front of you deciding to recline. That’s even worse when you already have little room for your legs. Even when the flight will only be an hour or so, you could end up being a little stiff and sore by the time the flight lands. 


Landing Closer to Your Destination


Charter flights can often land at smaller airports or landing strips that are not open to larger commercial flights. That’s a plus for you when the ultimate destination is a couple of hours’ drive from a major airport. The fact that you can land closer to the intended destination shaves more travel time off the trip. It also means that it will be more convenient to get back to the airport for your return flight. 


There’s a lot more than you can enjoy by reserving a charter flight. Talk with a service today and work out the logistics for your next trip. Once you fly by charter once, you’ll never want to fly any other way again. 


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