How Do You Get Vape Juice Out of a Pod?

Even if you’ve been using a pod-based vaping system for a while, there’s a good chance that you never thought you’d need to research how to get vape juice out of a pod. That was the case, at least, until the first time you filled a pod with an e-liquid that you ended up hating. Now, you’re searching the web frantically for a way to empty your pod as quickly as possible without actually vaping the foul-tasting juice.

Maybe you’re not trying to get the vape juice out of a pod because you don’t like the flavor. It’s possible that you’re just trying to empty the pod because you want to clean it or switch to a new flavor without tasting the remnants of the old one. Either way, though, the challenge is the same. Unless your pod has a removable coil, e-liquid can only get in or out through one tiny opening. Even if the pod does have a removable coil, there’s still no way to disassemble the pod completely – so you’re going to have a tough task on your hands. 

Getting the vape juice out of a pod isn’t easy, but there are a few methods that you might not have thought of before. Although you can’t clean a vape pod quite as thoroughly as you can a traditional vape tank, it’s still possible to get the majority of the e-liquid out of it. In this article, we’ll explain how to do it.

Removing Vape Juice from a Pod with the Tap Method

Although it’s hard to get all of the vape juice out of a pod this way, the simplest method is to simply open the pod and tap it. Open the filling port as widely as possible. If the pod has a removable coil, set the coil aside. Tap the pod over a sink or paper towel to encourage the vape juice to come out of the filling port. Continue this process until you’ve removed as much of the e-liquid as possible.

If you’re not satisfied with this method, there is another way to get the e-liquid out of a pod with a removable coil that’s even faster – although it might not taste great. We’ll explain that method next.

Removing Vape Juice from a Pod with the Air Pressure Method

If your pod has a removable coil – and you don’t mind the possibility of getting a little e-liquid on your lips – the fastest way to remove the e-liquid from the pod is by blowing it out. Remove the coil from the pod and open the filling port. Hold the pod over a sink or place a paper towel over the bottom of the pod where the coil would normally be. Place your lips over the filling port and blow firmly to eject the e-liquid through the bottom of the pod. This method is very quick and should only take a couple of seconds.

Removing Vape Juice from a Pod with the Replacement Method

If the above methods for getting the e-liquid out of a vape pod don’t appeal to you, here’s an alternative that you might prefer: You can replace the e-liquid gradually. You’re probably aware of the phenomenon called flavor ghosting. When you add a new vape juice to a pod, you can still taste the old one. That’s not a lot of fun – especially if you don’t like the e-liquid you’re trying to replace. The solution is to replace just a little of the e-liquid at a time. When the pod is empty, add just enough of the new e-liquid to cover the coil’s wick openings. Use the pod until it’s empty and add a little more vape juice again. Repeat this process until you can’t taste the old e-liquid anymore.

Removing Vape Juice from a Pod with the Water Method

Another way to get the vape juice out of a pod is by washing it away with water. This is a little challenging due to the fact that you have to get the water out of the pod once you’ve gotten it in – but with patience, this is a good way to switch to a new e-liquid flavor without tasting the old one.

To use the water method to remove the e-liquid from a pod, start by opening the pod and removing the coil if possible. Submerge the pod in water. You’ll have to hold the pod down because it’ll tend to float. Once you can see that the pod is full of water, agitate it to dislodge the e-liquid from the pod. Remove the water by tapping or blowing it out. To be certain that all of the e-liquid is gone, you may want to repeat this process a few times. Allow the pod to dry as thoroughly as possible before using it again. 

It’s Easier to Get the Vape Juice out of a Pod with a Removable Coil

If you’re the type of person who likes to change e-liquid flavors frequently but don’t want to devote a separate pod to each flavor, you should know that it’s much easier to remove the e-liquid from a pod that has a removable coil. That’s partially because it’s easier to clean a pod that has two openings rather than one and partially because you can eliminate almost all flavor ghosting simply by using a new coil when you want to replace the e-liquid in your pod. 

If you want to remove the e-liquid from a pod but don’t want to replace the coil, you can clean your coil in water using the same method described in the previous section of this article. Just place the coil in very hot water and agitate it to remove the e-liquid from the wick. Note, however, that cleaning a vape coil isn’t a very effective way to remove dark e-liquid residue from the heating element. If the coil tastes burnt because of residue, cleaning it won’t fully restore its original flavor.

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