How Ottawa Homeowners Can Recover From Winter Damage

How Ottawa Homeowners Can Recover From Winter Damage 1

Ottawa is known to have long, grueling winters that come with home damage more often than not. Year after year, residents of Canada’s capital await the warmer months to assess what effects this past winter had on their homes. While some winters are better than others, whether winter was more snow or rain heavy, all come with their unique impacts.

As summer nears, it’s time for homeowners to distinguish if winter’s damages are manageable or call for the expertise of a professional. 

Here’s how Ottawa homeowners can recover from winter damage this summer and the professionals that may be needed.  

Driveway repair

Driveway damage can come in all forms. It can come from extreme weather that causes cracks or even the shovels that put extra force on the asphalt. Many homeowners opt for driveway repair services in Ottawa to help give their driveway a new face.  

Professional Required:

Yes. While some homeowners opt to try to do driveway repairs on their own, it’s best to get the help of a professional. After all, driveway repair comes with its fair share of challenges that a professional would best know how to assess. 

Garage Tear

Road salt and regular wear and tear on the garage during the cold months are common. It’s essential to clean the garage to avoid more damage in the upcoming months. Clean the entire floor and focus on areas that have visible salt damage. 

Professional Required:

No. Cleaning may be more of a hands-on process, but it’s very doable on your own. 

Caulking window cracks

How Ottawa Homeowners Can Recover From Winter Damage 2

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Ottawa homes are vulnerable to window cracks. Thermal stress cracking occurs when exposed to different temperatures so, if you’re on a smaller budget, caulking your windows is the best option for you. 

Professional Required:

No. All hardware stores sell caulk guns, and many have instruction manuals with them. For more significant projects, consider a professional.

Clean the Gutters

Homeowners often overlook the gutters. Ice dams can cause the gutters to break. It’s time to inspect them and begin cleaning as there’s bound to be a potential build-up of leaves. 

Professional Required:

Yes, and no. Hiring someone to clean your gutters is an affordable option, especially if you don’t have the equipment. The cost of a contractor could be equivalent to you purchasing a new ladder for this task. If you have the time and the equipment, avoid hiring a professional.  

Fix Ceiling Stains

The water stain on your ceiling is likely a by-product of a leak from your roof or elsewhere. Ceiling stains are fixable, but it’s also essential to figure out where the leak came from. 

Professional Required:

No. You can fix your ceiling on your own but determining where the stain originated from has its challenges. 

Repaint Your Home

Winter can create severe damage to any home, including the exterior paint. You can avoid these problems, but it is time to paint an extra, grueling winter.

Professional Required:

Yes. While you can do a typical paint job, it’s important to remember that everyone will see this paint job. There will be no room for error as it will be the first thing seen by all your neighbors. It’s best to get it done the first time correctly.  

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